Everest Lhotse 2021: Training and review day in Basecamp

Hello Everyone,

The team is doing great here in Basecamp! We are getting very acclimatized to around 17k ft, and staying healthy.

Yesterday we started our technical skills review at camp and today went out into the lower icefall to review more. Tomorrow we will finish up our review and be a step closer to heading up on our first rotation up the mountain to Camp 1 and Camp 2.

We’ve had some afternoon snow showers the last several days but overall the weather has been great.

I will send out some photos tomorrow!

Thanks for following along,

Ben Jones
Expedition Leader

Acclimatization hike

Hello Everyone,

Today we went on another hike to help acclimatize our bodies to a new altitude of 18,500ft. It was a bit cloudy today so we didn’t get to see all of the spectacular views we normally do on this hike but still a great hike. Everyone is feeling better each day here at Basecamp as we adjust to the altitude. Tomorrow we will begin some of our review and practice on crossing ladders, then we will spend the next few days doing this in the lower Khumbu icefall. We are all healthy, and doing well here in Basecamp!

Thanks for following along,

Ben Jones
Expedition Leader

Everest 2021: Puja day in Basecamp!

Hello Everyone, Today was our puja day asking the goddess in Everest for safe passage and a safe climb for all up and down the mountain. We had great weather, and as usual it made for a serious but fun time with our entire staff and climbers. Our Climbing Sherpa will be carrying loads to camp 2 tomorrow. Our climbing team will continue to acclimatize on a hike near Basecamp gaining some elevation and starting to get ready for a review of skills in the lower Khumbu icefall. Thanks for following along! Ben Jones Expedition Leader

Everest Lhotse Team portraits 2021 (1 of 2)

Everest and Lhotse 2021 Team photos

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