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We have received the climbing Permit!

Hello Everyone,

With a lot of help from our local agent Jiban Ghimire we received the climbing permit for Everest 2017! It is always a bit of a relief to get the permit finalized. Today, all of the climbers and friends and family of the climber will arrive to Kathmandu. Tomorrow we will begin our expedition with an orientation on the climb, a gear check and our first of many team dinners. The following morning on April 1st, early in the mor i g we will head to the domestic airport for an incredible flight to Lukla in the Khumbu valley leading up to Everest. Stay tuned here as I will continue to post more pics, vids, and updates on this journey to the top of the World!


Ben Jones
Expedition Leader

Team en route to Nepal

Hello Everyone,

The guides are en route and soon the climbers will be heading to Nepal to begin Everest expedition 2017!

We are excited to begin another safe and successful year on the planet’s highest mountain. We start trekking into basecamp beginning on April 1st. Follow along here for updates, pics, and videos. Also follow along with Alpine Ascents on Facebook and instagram and with me @benmjones (instagram) and Facebook.

Thanks for following along on this incredible journey!

Ben Jones

2017 Everest Preparations Underway!

Our guiding team this year consists of Ben Jones, Lakpa Rita Sherpa, Eric Murphy, and Jangbu Sherpa. They are getting ready to fly to Kathmandu in the coming days. A quick shot of our annual load of initial supplies we ship to Base Camp, from our Seattle office. Our climbing team arrives in Nepal on March 30, stay tuned!

Back in Kathmandu!

Hello Everyone,

We are back in Kathmandu!! Thanks for following along on our fantastic adventure to the top of the World! Jen is heading out tonight and Mario and myself will be heading out soon. What a safe and successful trip this was! Thanks to Mario and Jen for being a great team, and to our great Sherpa and Nepali staff! Already looking forward to 2017!


Ben Jones

21 May, 2016 05:52

Hello Everyone,

Jen, Mario, and myself are back now safely in basecamp and waiting for our four strong Sherpa to return to basecamp in a few hours! What an incredible trip! We are resting up today and will all be departing for Kathmandu in various stages in the next few days.

We had a beautiful summit day to reach the top of the World! It was a little crowded but I don’t think took away from the experience of being on the summit of Everest. We have just experienced a great deal in the last few days with not much rest but will share a few more pics and updates as we rest in the next several days. Thanks for following along on this Journey!!

Ben Jones

I want to thank you for an adventure of a lifetime. As always the staff and logistics of Alpine Ascents exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be more satisfied. A while back you mentioned win-win relationships. My win was a rewarding trip to Mt. Everest.


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