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Everest 2018 – Kathmandu!

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the delay in the wrap up of this expedition! We are all safely back in Kathmandu, and members are departing back to their home countries. Thanks to Jiban, Lakpa Rita, Alpine Ascents office staff, the guides, and all of our Sherpa and Nepali crew who helped make this such a successful expedition! We had a great crew, and a strong team and already looking forward to next year! Thanks for following along and congratulations to everyone! See you next year!

Ben Jones
Expedition Leader


Everest 2018 – Summit List

Huge congratulations to our climbers as they make their way back home from this successful expedition. Alpine Ascents would like to recognize each team member who summited.

Everest Summit:
Ben Jones
Eric Murphy
Jangbu Sherpa
Ian Swift
Jose L Fernandez
Luke Timmerman
Jason Patry
Slav Tokarev
Milka Raulin
Geneva Keaton
Brian Cheripko
Fur Kancha sherpa
Karma Sarki Sherpa
Ang Passang Sherpa
Ang Norbu Sherpa
Nima Tenzing Sherpa
Raj Khumar Thapa Magar
Thukten Dorjee Sherpa
Kami Temba Sherpa

Lhotse Summit:
Jangbu Sherpa
Jose L Fernandez
Jason Patry
Karma Sarki Sherpa
Kami Gelgen

Everest 2018 – Back at Basecamp!

Hello Everyone,

We have all made it safe and sound back down to Basecamp this morning! It’s such a great feeling to be back in Basecamp and through the Khumbu icefall for our last time. Everyone is tired but extremely happy about the success of this expedition. We are relaxing and packing in preparation for flying all the way from Basecamp to Kathmandu tomorrow morning, weather dependent. Our Sherpa are carrying some incredibly heavy loads down off the mountain to clear all of our camps. They will have one more load to pickup at Camp 1 tomorrow morning and our expedition here will officially be over, meaning we are all off of the mountain. Thanks for following along on this incredible, once-in-a-lifetime adventure to the Top of the World. Our members have worked incredibly hard to make this happen, and of course none of this would have happened without the huge amount of work from our Sherpa carrying loads of gear up and down the mountain. Our cook staff kept us well feed with delicious and nutritious food, Lakpa Rita made the logistics for the Sherpa team happen and anything else we needed on the mountain, and our Operator Jiban in Kathmandu made all of our logistics to and from the mountain and everything else happen! If we need something fixed, Jiban and Lakpa Rita could make it happen!

I will post a few more photos in the next couple of days, and appreciate you following along!

Ben Jones
Expedition Leader

Everest 2018 – Congrats to Lhotse climbers!

Hello Everyone,

Great to report today that 2 of our climbers also climbed Lhotse today in less than 24 hours after summiting Everest!! Jangbu, Karma Serki, Kami Gelgen, Jose Luis, and Jay all summited Lhotse today and beat the rest of the team back to Camp 2! This is Jangbu’s 2nd time to do this and Karma did this with me in 2013, so has also now completed the 2 climbs in less than 24 hours. Everyone to do this being a very small group of people, probably less than 50!

We are all now back at Camp 2 and heading to bed. We aren’t done yet though, we still have one more descent through the Khumbu Icefall down to Basecamp. Once we are back to Basecamp we can feel like we have officially completed the climb!

Talk to you tomorrow from Basecamp! Thanks for following along,

Ben Jones
Expedition Leader

In the photo below you can see the Lhotse couloir in a diagonal line following the middle 3 climbers to the left!

Everest 2018 – Lhotse Team Summits!

Hello everyone, more great news reported by Jangbu Sherpa from the summit of Mount Lhotshe. The entire Lhotshe team reach the summit at 5:30am Nepal time. Huge congratulations to Jangbu Sherpa, Jose Luis Sanchez Fernandez, Jason Patry, and Karma Sarkee Sherpa for summiting Everest and Lhotshe in under 24 Hours. Also congratulations to Kami Gyelzen Sherpa who summited along with them. Thank you again for following with us. Our team will be posting again after their return to Camp 2.

Lakpa Rita

I have to write a short note to you complementing you on your excellent group of employees on the 2002 Everest Expedition. With such a large logistical problem at hand the only solution is a group of talented, hard working people that can overcome obstacles.


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