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The Alpine Ascents Difference on Vinson

Alpine Ascents had 100% success on all of our trips over the past two seasons! Congrats to the climbing teams putting us at over 95% success since 1992!

Alpine Ascents is unique in our ability to provide expert mountain skills and ongoing training for future trips as an integral part of our Mt. Vinson program. While we highly recommend using a mountaineering outfitter to lead your Vinson climb (not a company that simply hires mountaineering guides), we feel that Alpine Ascents puts unequivocal skill and training into each Vinson expedition. Guides like famed Arctic climber Vern Tejas and Himalaya veteran Lakpa Rita Sherpa are scheduled to lead our 2017/18 season.

During our Vinson program you can expect guiding of the utmost quality and 10-12 hours of training from our mountaineering experts. As a guide company we are committed to a high level of satisfaction as we look for climbers to join Alpine Ascents on adventures for years to come. Training includes items such as knots, pulley theory, snow anchors, z pulley systems, crevasse rescue, sled rigging, rope travel and tent technology. On day 3 of the climb we spend a couple of hours learning how to ascend and descend the fixed lines used on the following day.

Alpine Ascents on Vinson

Beginning our commercial expeditions in 1992 (yes, there were some commercial flights back then) Alpine Ascents, has led and cultivated climbing practices and partners. With nearly 100% success, we have developed logistics, climbing routes, camps and communication protocols that have help facilitate our high summit and safety record. While extra days on the mountain and satellite phones have become standard practice in the industry , our experience on Vinson is unsurpassed. Our ability to lead several trips per season puts us in position to adjust to changing conditions and to draw on resources that a one-guide, single expedition can’t. We encourage you to ask questions of Alpine Ascents and other guide services before embarking on an expedition of this magnitude and expense.

Key Elements of our Climb and Success


We have been guiding Vinson since 1990. Scheduled guides for 2016-2017 are Himalayan and Antarctic expert Vern Tejas, Lakpa Rita Sherpa and Sam Hennessey. We have likely put more climbers on Vinson than any other guide service. We are a 7 summit company, guiding great peaks around the world, not simply hiring guides to run a onetime expedition.

Long Term commitment

We are committed to our climbers beyond Vinson and look to support everyone in reaching the summit while providing training throughout the expedition.


Experienced lead guides stationed on the continent allow for flexibility and an understanding of current mountain conditions. Alpine Ascents is known worldwide for the unparalleled quality of its guide staff. While many other outfitters are little more than a one-man show, our trips are led by professional mountaineers with great flexibility in guide staff, as well as full-time office support, logistics, and access and information for other great climbs around the world. Our guides are teachers willing to share their breadth of knowledge. We are a full service mountain guide company and hand-pick our guides for each expedition. Some outfitters on Mount Vinson just hire guides as seasonal employees, and are not mountaineering organizations.


Typically we have 100% success in taking expeditions to the summit, with over 90% climbers summiting: 100% in 2015/2016, 95% in 2014/2015, 96% success in 2013/14, 100% in 2011/12 and 2012/13 with 100% success on our Ski the Last Degree Team which reached the South Pole. In the 2010/11 and 2009/10 seasons, all had 100% expedition success. And 2008 was a stellar year, with three full teams and 100% success among 33 climbers (plus our fabulous guides). Since 1990, we have had over a 95% summit-success rate on our Mount Vinson expedition.

Office and gear support

We offer 24-hour contact with our office and a staff that has worked with climbers in arctic environments for 20 years. We promise you a quick and honest response to your questions.

Precise Logistics
  • Small climber-to-guide ratios of 5:1 or less
  • Alpine Ascents staff member/guide assisting climbers in Punta Arenas
  • Carefully composed menus based on more than 20 years of experience
  • Ability to proactively deal with flight changes, and change flights while still in Antarctica
Mountain Caches

Alpine Ascents is one of the few outfitters allowed to cache gear at Vinson Base Camp, Low Camp and High Camp and thus we have a full set of cook wear, stoves, tents and climbing equipment. This greatly reduces the pack weight (now 40 lbs.) climbers need to carry.

Multiple Departures

We offer several departures each season, with guides stationed in the Antarctic, which allows us to adjust to changing mountain conditions.

The quality of guiding is the biggest strength of this program. Definitely 200% better than any other organizations I’ve climbed with. Guiding is also way better (they teach you stuff).

Disembarking on the ice from our Illuyshin 76 private jet. Mount Vinson, Antarctica. Photo: Monika Witkowska
Moving to Base Camp from our Twin Otter landing strip. Mount Vinson, Antarctica. Photo: Monika Witkowska
Mount Vinson, Antarctica. Photo: Monika Witkowska
Mount Vinson, Antarctica. Photo: Monika Witkowska
Mount Vinson, Antarctica. Photo: Monika Witkowska
Mount Vinson, Antarctica. Photo: Monika Witkowska
Mount Vinson, Antarctica. Photo: Monika Witkowska
Mount Vinson, Antarctica. Photo: Monika Witkowska
Neighboring Mount Shinn from High Camp. Mount Vinson, Antarctica. Photo: Monika Witkowska
High Camp. Mount Vinson, Antarctica. Photo: Monika Witkowska
Summit Ridge. Mount Vinson, Antarctica. Photo: Monika Witkowska
Vinson Summit. Lakpa Rita Sherpa becomes the first Sherpa to summit Mount Vinson, and the Seven Summits. Photo: Andy Tyson
Plenty of daylight. Mount Vinson, Antarctica. Photo: Monika Witkowska
Mount Vinson, Antarctica. Photo: Monika Witkowska
Climbing towards summit ridge. Mount Vinson, Antarctica. Photo: Monika Witkowska
Ralaxing at Union Glacier Camp. Mount Vinson, Antarctica. Photo: Monika Witkowska
Mount Vinson, Antarctica. Photo: Monika Witkowska


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