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2/16 Volcanoes of Mexico Expedition: Arrived at Izta High Camp!

Welcome dinner

Eric still looks like he is having some PTSD from the earthquake where he thought he was fainting due to lack of sleep during the gear check…. don’t be sending a Mariachi band my way anytime soon Eric

Greetings from Mexico City

Hi, this is Stuart checking in for the Alpine Ascents Mexico Volcanoes trip . Our last trip of four this season. I am pleased to report all of our climbers on the team consisting of the two Erics’, Ben, Scott, Michael, Dave, Daniel and Richard have arrived here safely today or yesterday with all their bags. I have in the past had 7 of our climbers on 3 different 8 day courses, Mexico volcanoes is a great progression and it has been good to catch up with some familiar faces.

This afternoon we all met up in our hotel gardens, the Maria Cristina in the heart of Mexico City for a quick gear check, orientation and Team introductions. Usually the gear checks are uneventful however this one will always be remembered as we were in an earthquake. The warning sirens went off and it hit a few seconds later. We are all safe and well….the hotel garden was the ideal place to be in all honesty. Earthquakes can be fun or not, this one was more of the former for the nine of us but we are hoping those closer to the epicenter are faring as well. We then went out a few blocks away to a great Argentine steak restaurant Quebracho for some steaks washed down with a little Malbec. I have used it for the welcome dinner for the past 6 or 7 years and have always found it to be excellent and again it did not disappoint this time around.

Everybody is doing well, some a little tired from the travel, but looking forward to the trip ahead. It’s a nice cool, clear fall evening here in Mexico City. We had fairly heavy rain a couple of days ago in Mexico City but that seemed to clear up the mugginess and improve air quality. Hopefully these systems are bringing some needed snow to the mountains as well, it has been a low snow season down here. Tomorrow, after a quick visit to the National Museum of Anthropology and the The Zócalo which is the main square in the heart of the historic center of Mexico City, we will leave the city and head east to the mountains. En route we will stop off at Amecameca for lunch and to pick up fresh fruit and vegetables, bottled water, and some other last minute purchases at the local market

Our first objective is Iztaccíhuatl, a 5,230 m (17,160 ft) mountain. It is the nation’s third highest, after Pico de Orizaba 5,636 m (18,491 ft) and Popocatépetl 5,426 m (17,802 ft). The name “Iztaccíhuatl” is Nahuatl for “white woman”, reflecting the four individual snow-capped peaks which depict the head, chest, knees and feet of a sleeping female when seen from east.

I am greatly looking forward to piecing together a successful expedition, success not solely based on whether we summit or not, but having a safe, fun time down here. I will try and cybercast each day but no news is always good news and no need to worry, your family and friends are in good hands. It seems in the past few years in particular satellite reception on Izta is somewhat spotty and it all too frequently cuts out. Again, all is well here and thanks for tuning in.

Mexico Volcanoes Team 3 Summits Orizaba!

Thanks everyone for following along on our Mexico Volcanoes Expedition. Four of our team members reached the Summit of Orizaba yesterday! Unfortunately some of the group was not able to make a summit attempt due to food born illness. We are all back in Mexico City now or have began our journey home. Thanks for following.

Victor McNeil
AMGA Certified Ski Guide


Mexico Volcanoes Team 3 Tours Puebla, Next Stop Orizaba!

Victor McNeil
AMGA Certified Ski Guide

The trip was great! Stuart was great and was very informative with climbing and the routes we were going to take. The tours throughout the city were very informative and provided a nice recovery day after climbing. Stuart was great throughout the whole trip. He answered any climbing questions and made the trip overall very […]


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