Mexico Volcanoes Summits Pico de Orizaba

Hi Everyone,

Stephen here with the Mexico volcanoes expedition. We had a great day up on Pico de Orizaba today with clear skies, almost no wind and just a skiff of recent snow giving us good footing on the Jamapa Glacier. From the summit we could see the mountains we climbed earlier in the trip and countless villages in the Mexican state of Puebla. We even had some cool views of Pico’s shadow as we climbed the glacier at first light. We’re back down in Zoapan catching up on sleep and eating some great food. Tomorrow we’ll make our way back to Mexico City to wrap up the trip before we catch a flight on Monday!

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Mexico Volcanoes summits Sierra Negra

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a great day down here on the Mexico volcanoes trip. We summited Sierra Negra, which is essentially a satellite peak of Pico de Orizaba that sits at about 15,200‘. A strong cold front came through last night, so the mountains had a dusting of fresh snow on them. It was nice to have cool temperature and it made the day feel a bit more adventurous. We’re down in Zoapan now, where we got to celebrate thanksgiving with a turkey dinner as well. We’re all ready to launch on our final objective of the trip, Pico de Orizaba. We’ll head up to Orizaba basecamp tomorrow and refresh some skills to prepare for a summit attempt on Saturday. Spirits are high and we’d like to wish everyone back home a happy thanksgiving!

Mexico Volcanoes Team in Puebla

Hi Everyone, The Mexico volcanoes team is all settled in Puebla. We had great weather on La Malinche today, with a mix of sun and clouds keeping temperatures reasonable but still giving us some great views. The crew did a great job and it took us about 7 hrs to climb up to 14,560’ and back down to our vans and on to Puebla. For tomorrow, we’re going to tour Puebla and check out some Aztec pyramids near Cholula. Here’s a few photos from the day:

The November 2023 Volcanoes of Mexico expedition begins!

Stephen and the team called in from the field. They’re all doing well. The team hiked to 12,500 ft on their most recent acclimation hike, and tomorrow plans to take on a higher peak. They’ll head to the summit of La Malinche at approximately 14,500 ft.

The satellite phone connection did not allow for a full transcription of the report. We’ll keep you updated as we hear more from Stephen and the group!

Team Summits Pico De Orizaba!

This is my fifth climb with Alpine Ascents, and our first international mountain climb. AAI continues to be the industry leader in climbing. The care everyone takes to prepare us for the climb, the emphasis on safety, and attention given to every detail of the trip are highlights for me. I have climbed domestically with […]

High camp on Izta at the Otis Mcallister hut
Final push on the summit ridge of Orizaba
Looking over the Valley of Mexico and Mexico City from high camp on Izta
Alpine Ascents Mexico Volcanoes
Photo: Mario Simoes
Alpine Ascents Mexico Volcanoes
Photo: Mario Simoes
Summit ridge of Izta
Street artist in Cholula, Mexico
The Aztec calendar on display at the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City
Climbers on a day hike to acclimate near Izta
High camp on Izta at the Otis Mcallister hut
Summit ridge on Izta with Popo in the background
Early morning sunrise with Orizaba castings its shadow
Looking down the summit ridge of Orizaba
Architecture in Mexico City
Mesoamerica artifacts at the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City

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