Brad reporting for Lost Boys: Climbing skills review on the glacier of Antisana

Hola, me llamo Brad, and I’m providing the Team Lost Boys update for Thursday, January 10th. We had cereal, yogurt and Manola’s delicious pancakes for breakfast.

We then piled in Freddy’s 4-wheel drive vehicle and he expertly navigated the path, yes that’s different than a road, to Advanced Base Camp (at 14.8). From there we hiked about an hour to the base of the glacier for skills training. After various rest step techniques on our crampons we moved higher on the glacier (to 15.7) for crevasse rescue training using special knots called prussiks. All 4 of us got a thorough lesson in humility trying to climb a rope out of a crevasse at this altitude. In fact don’t be surprised if you see us doing sit ups when we return home. The consensus was that should one of us fall into a crevasse, he very well may be a “Lost Boy”. We agreed not to do that.

Next we got to try some ice climbing; the four of us enjoyed the chance, but made ice climbing look very hard. Freddy then demonstrated how to make it look easy, including doing the overhanging pitch at the top. Wow!

On our way down Antisana finally cleared and gave us our first look at our goal, she is magnificent, pictures will follow once we have internet again. High flying condors on the way back to camp, capped a great day.

Tomorrow we move up to Advanced Base Camp and prepare for our summit attempt. Dinner is almost ready so I am over and out.


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