Poa Ndizi laughs and feasts on spaghetti, shish kabobs, fried potatoes, and flan then heads to sleep a few hours before the summit push

(whistling “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” theme song music with laughter in background)

Hey everybody, it’s Poa Ndizi, the 26th of June, 2013. We are located approximately 15,700 feet above sea level, High Camp/Kosovo. We just had spaghetti, shish kabobs, fried potatoes, and flan. Yum! We’re pretty happy. We’re going to go to bed soon, get up in a few hours, and walk up to the top of Africa.

Anybody? (asked in background)

“Hello Pucker-Schroeder families.”

“We’re really enjoying our time here. It’s Grace’s birthday in four days, she’s going to be 21. Otherwise, we’re all kind of loopy and we’re trying not to laugh on the cybercast. We just had great flan… (transmission garbled). We’re excited to go to the top. We start the ascension at midnight tonight and then tomorrow’s a really long day. It looks a little… (laughter in background, transmission garbled). And ‘hi’ Momma, and Papa, Nabil, Zacarah, and Katherine Watts, and Ferris and Margaret.” (name spellings?)

“Hey, how are ya? Pretty pumped to get to the top of Africa. It’s going to be pretty cool, pretty chilly, good views, high in the sky, highest I think all of us have ever been. Except for Eric, Eric has been extremely high. We will talk to you when we get down. Hoping that we all return.”

“We can’t end that way. We’re going to end with everybody have a nice day or evening. And we’re all really altitude-high right now. Bye!”

Stay tuned for more.



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