Our 8/27 Team hiked up through the mist to the sunny Shira Camp where they relaxed for the afternoon with beautiful views of the mountain

Hello, this is Don Carpenter calling in on August 28th; it’s just past 7:30 in the evening and I’m calling in from Shira Camp (here at just below 4,000 meters). This is the August 27th Kilimanjaro trip with Perry, Melissa, and Jack and everybody’s doing great.

We had a good day today, left our Machame Camp at about 8 o’clock in the morning and had a steep climb. We went slow and steady, started off in the mist and about midday we broke out of the clouds into the sun and had some beautiful views of the upper mountain. We stopped for lunch and then continued on up into the Shira Plateau and into our camp.

We got here in mid-afternoon so we’ve had a couple hours to rest, and read, and take a nap if anybody wanted to. And then we just had a delicious dinner of rice, ugali, and a beef stew, and people are settling in for bed. It’s a beautiful clear night and it has gotten fairly chilly since the sun went down, so we’re all excited to get into our sleeping bags.

Everybody’s feeling good and we’re looking forward to moving to Barranco tomorrow. We’ll talk to you tomorrow, bye bye.

photo 3
photo 3


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