Our Kili Crew enjoyed the views from Arusha to Machame Gate where they began their ascent of Kili with enthusiasm

Hi, this is John with the Kilimanjaro Crew. We started our climb today by departing from the Arusha Hotel about 9 o’clock after a nice breakfast, had a nice ride out along the road past the area that most people didn’t get to see because of coming in, in the dark from the JRO International Airport, got to see it nice and clear this time.

We got to see a little bit of a view of the mountain in the distance but the upper mountain was obscured by clouds. And once we get above our second camp, we’ll probably be above those clouds and looking down on the top of them.

Everybody seemed to hike real well and plenty of great enthusiasm, in fact I sorta had to try to slow the group down a little bit, which was a little bit more of a task than I thought because everybody seems healthy and happy and going well.

We got into camp with about an hour of light, had some popcorn, told some stories and headed off to bed. Tomorrow we’re heading up another thousand meters to the Shira Plateau and we’ll call from there.

Kili Inventory Crew


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