Team 4X Experiencing Some Storms On Elbrus, But Hoping For Clear Weather Tomorrow To Attempt The Summit

Hey there friends, family, and loved ones! Team 4X checking in from the flanks, high on the flanks of Mount Elbrus, the highest point in Europe. Today was a day of skill review and rest and relaxation. We took on knots and we also did basic inventory of what it takes to get on top of a mountain. Everybody’s well informed, and well fed, and well rested.

We’re just hoping that the weather cooperates, we’ve been having thunder and lightning storms for the last 48 hours. They’re hoping that it clears up and we’re able to proceed on schedule. So thank you for checking in with us, be sure to check in tomorrow and find out whether or not we went up and got to the top of Europe.

So wish us luck! Ta ta for now.

High on summit day with the shadow of Elbrus under the full moon.


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