The Crew summits Kilimanjaro with a lovely moon to light the way to the top!


Hi, this is John with the Kilimanjaro Crew. I am happy to report that everybody is in fact down safely from the summit and we’re all in our High Camp.

We got down, I guess, stretching from 9 o’clock to about 10:15 or so, so pretty early descent for everybody. Was a pretty nice day; it didn’t end up getting that cold in the end, except for right on the rim from Stella Point over to Uhuru Peak, which is the high point of the climb and of the volcano. It’s not unusual to be a little windy up there. It’s a long way no matter how you cut it – whether it’s a good day, whether it’s a bad day, whether the weather is a little warmer, whether the weather’s a little cooler. A fair number of folks, but they were mainly in a couple of British groups of school kids who were here all together, groups of about fifty folks all doing the climb together.

So we managed to keep ourselves more or less together pretty much all the way on up to the top. We got to Stella Point at about 10 minutes before 6. And we had a lovely, lovely moon throughout the climb and that really helped a lot in terms of just footing, and seeing where we were going, and enjoying the view of the snow and the ice and the Rebmann Glacier and all.

Yeah, so folks did very, very well. It’s tough at some moments for everybody on the climb, so I’m sure everyone will have their stories. But folks did really well, enjoyed the summit, and we’re now down in camp and getting ourselves ready for heading on down to Mweke, which will be another couple hour hike on down. I’m sure folks are eager to share their stories and some of their summit pictures as well. Bye bye.



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