Team 10 Tranquilo doing a carry up to Amagino Col with plans to return to Camp 1 for a leisurely rest day tomorrow

Hey everybody, this is Dave Heinbach with Aconcagua Team 10, also known as Team Tranquilo.

Yesterday we made our move up to Camp 1 under very sunny skies and pleasant weather, and it was really nice, really enjoyable move. The team did great. Got up here just in time to get a little bit of snow coming in, in the afternoon and evening had a little bit of a snow squall. It was really nice though because everyone got their tents set up before there was a bunch of snow on the ground. People are doing a great job with their tents’ setups and that’s really important on this mountain because boy you just can’t take anything for granted here. The wind is really something that needs to be respected.

Today we’re getting ready to do our carry up to Amagino Col; the team’s packing up right now, getting their loads ready. And we’re going to go up there and see what the upper mountain’s doing; been a bunch of new snow fall lately, so there may be a chance we’ll be using some crampons today, don’t really know quite yet.

We’re going to come on back down, and then tomorrow is our next rest day; really looking forward to that, having a nice leisurely breakfast and some hot lunch and that kind of thing.

So for Aconcagua Team 10, also known as Team Tranquilo, this is Dave Heinbach saying “adios”!

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