Eric teases Stuart about his use of “potpourri” to describe the weather as Team Tippy laughs in the background

Hi, this is Eric with Team 11.

If you just listened to Stuart’s post and you thought you heard him say “a potpourri of weather”, you are correct. That’s exactly what he said (laughter in background). He’s suffering with a little bit of AMS tonight I think. [joke]

Have a good night everyone!

* Editor’s note:
potpourri [ˌpəʊˈpʊərɪ] n pl -ris
1. a collection of mixed flower petals dried and preserved in a pot to scent the air
2. a collection of unrelated or disparate items; miscellany
3. (Music, other) a medley of popular tunes
4. (Cookery) a stew of meat and vegetables


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