Team 3 feasts on bacon cheeseburgers after moving to the base of Ski Hill with all their gear and plans to cache tomorrow

Hi, this is Matthew Emht calling in for Denali Team 3. Today is Sunday, May 19th and today this team has had a beautiful day on the lower mountain, nice and sunny, hardly any wind. Although we’ve seen a lot of snow and lenticulars up high, it’s been a real nice day down low.

We moved camp to the base of Ski Hill, just a couple hours with these heavy loads. And we got into camp at a pretty reasonable hour; we really used the rest of the day to fortify camp and to get our cook tent set up, get established. And then we had a really nice bacon cheeseburger dinner, where we just about got everybody to have seconds/second burger.

And we’re going to be waking up a little earlier tomorrow and we’re going to try to move a cache up Ski Hill. We’re done carrying all of our equipment in a single push now. We’re going to take half of our gear that we’ll be using on the upper mountain, mostly food and fuel, and moving about two and a half thousand feet up the hill, digging a big old hole in the snow and burying all of our equipment, and marking it really well with wands and an avalanche probe.

Then we’ll come back down to our nice camp tomorrow night. If things go well, we’ll be moving up towards 11,000 feet in the next few days.

So everybody’s feeling good and having a great time out here. Thanks a lot for listening.


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