Team 6/TJaAoMM in a holding pattern and hoping for a break in the winds higher up to move to 17.2

Friends, family, loved ones, Stuart and Nick here from Alp 6, The Justified and Ancients of Mu Mu.

We’re still at the 14.2 foot camp, unfortunately, we’ve been in a kind of holding pattern at the moment with the upper weather. Beautiful day here, unfortunately the ridge to get up to the 17.2 camp has been quite windy. And as ever with the Alaska Range a little bit of patience and humility, coupled with perseverance and tenacity are the kind of qualities that are required.

The team has all come together well. Hopefully we’re going to get a break in the weather in the next couple of days and we’ll get up to 17.2 Camp onto the launch pad and rock all this next.

So again all is well here, everyone is safe, sends their love, and thanks for tuning in, hopefully we’ll have some good news the next time we call, take care, bye.


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