Camp 1 to Camp 2

Hello Everyone,

Today we ascended from camp 1 (21,000ft) to camp 2 (23,400ft) in about 7 hours. It was a tough day. It was a pretty blustery day today with wind gusts up to 20mph but mostly sunny. The wind and cold tends to zap the energy from you at these high elevations and today was no exception. The good news though is that we have a very strong team that pushed through the adversity and harsdships today without complaint. We were all pretty tired arriving at camp 2 this afternoon but we just had some dinner and got some hot water in us to refuel the bodies after a long day. Everyone did exceptional today!

Tomorrow we will descend all the way back down to ABC for our last days of rest before our summit attempt.

Thanks for following along!


Lakpa leading up from camp 1.

The team above camp 1

Thierry with his chicken

Resting up before the ice cliff


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