Everest Basecamp Trek 2019 – Lukla here we come (sorta)!

Namaste friends, family and loved ones! What would normally be a routine flight into one of the most dangerous airports in the world turned out quite differently. The monsoon season has gone into overtime raining all day in Lukla, our intended destination. Fortunately we hired a helicopter to aid our departure. Unfortunately for us was too many rain clouds along our chosen flight path. Our pilot however was very experienced so we used all of his advanced flying skills to get around the clouds that were forming. Ultimately they got too thick and we had to set down an hour short of Lukla. One needs flexibility to succeed in the Himalayas. We donned our rain gear and started hiking. Action is powerful! and soon we had to doff our duds or be saturated with sweat. We dried our clothes around the wood stove of the Tea House we are spending the night at. Tomorrow we climb over 3009 feet to Namche Bazzar. All our best, Carole and Vern Tejas


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