Observatory climb

Day two of our acclimation hikes as we move closer to higher altitude and eventually our summit push.
Today we ascended about 3,000 feet in about 3.5hrs. It cannot be overstated just how amazing the views were. Vast expanses of green mountains, glaciers, beautiful rock formations, gigantic trees, spectacular wild flowers, an impressive waterfall and cloud covered peaks. Our group split into two groups choosing different routes to meet at an observatory at 10,000ft. One group went up a steeper more rugged route and the second group went a longer more gradual route to scout the backside of the observatory. On our way back down, the clouds turned to rain and Louis mentioned (correctly) that the energy was just amazing even with the rain and thunder. The fog rolling in the forest full of wild flowers and waist high grass made this place seem magical and movie-like. Its funny how we saw amazing art at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg but none of it could compare to the nature around us we have seen the past two days.
Today I finally got it! All those girls in my life that told me to “take a hike” were probably just trying to be nice to me and not breaking up with me at all, they just wanted me to see all these amazing things.


elbrus ridge hike

elbrus team


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