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Team “Compass” celebrates at the gate

Team “Compass” back to Arusha!

Hello Everyone,

We have successfully made it back to Arusha after a last great hike down through the jungle to Mweka gate. The team did great on the last day after a very long day before. We had an awesome celebration with our crew and will be wrapping up the trip tonight with our celebratory dinner.

Tomorrow, most of the group will head onto Safari, and some will be heading home. We have a short break in between trips here and then I will start my 3rd trip for the season next week.

Thanks for following along!

Ben Jones

Kilimanjaro: Team Compass Summits and begins Descent

Cayambe Summit attempt

Good news from Ecuador, the weather improved a lot and we were able to make our attempt to Cayambe, with wind and cold we left at midnight to do what we like most, climbing mountains and enjoying the scenery.

Part of the team was finding its summit on the way up, for all the first time in these heights so each body behaves differently. We enjoyed an incredible sunrise, the mountain conditions were relatively good (in the cold) and as the Cayambe is the only glacier in the equatorial line (therefore the one that receives more heat) as soon as the sun rises the conditions change.

Part of the team arrived very close to the summit, when I say very close I mean “almost the summit” 150 feet below. For us that summit was special, after a lot of effort during several hours.
Now we are processing what was the ascent, we have a rest day that we are going to enjoy.

Juliana Garcia

Esguim Instructor
AIARE Instructor

IFMGA Board member

Team Old Dogs, New Tricks Makes it back safely to Arusha

Hello Folks!

This is Paul Koubek, writing in to report that "Team Old Dogs, New Tricks" made it back safe and sound to Arusha after the entire team summited and descended to the Mweka Gate.

It seems that some of our Cybercasts were late to post – sorry for that and our office is working to correct this problem – all seem to be up now.

Here’s photos of the team on the summit, and of our celebratory cake made by our cook Raymond at the teams arrival to Millenium Camp.

Thanks for following our cybercast!

Paul Koubek

Kilimanjaro: Team Compass Heads for the Summit!

Kilimanjaro: Team Compass Camps at Karanga Valley

Update Ecuador trip 2022 July-August

Hello everyone, a little update on the group.

We still haven’t decided which name suits us best, but for sure something related to mud, it has been our companion all these days.
Yesterday was our acclimatization day, arriving at the refuge was already an adventure, we were greeted with a nice afternoon and the group enjoyed an active acclimatization pushing the 4×4.

A new day this morning with sunshine and Cayambe welcoming us for our summit attempt tonight, the group is feeling good and motivate.
We will keep you posted.

Juliana Garcia

Esguim Instructor
AIARE Instructor

IFMGA Board member

Kilimanjaro: Team Compass Acclimatizes at High Camp

Kilimanjaro: Team Compass Camps at 12,500 ft

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