Team at camp four (south col)

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Hello every one team arrived at camp Four (south col 26000 feet) around 2 pm. It was pretty challenging day for them with strong winds (approximately 45 miles per hour ) but team keep moved along and arrived at camp. It took them long time to set up tents and  Sherpa and climbers waited several hours in this strong winds. Finally the winds died down little bit and we were able to set tents and get hot fluid and food. Every one doing well and in good spirits.  Currently some snow and still windy. Hoping that the winds and snow will stop soon. The plan for tomorrow will be rest day and they will be climbing tomorrow night – May 18th  and planing to be standing on the summit day after tomorrow May 19th  (If the weather cooperates).  Thank you for following with us, stay tune, and send your prayers along we highly appreciate your support.

Lakpa Rita


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