Hi everyone! The team traveled from El Calafate to El Chalten this morning. We drove along the shores of Argentino Lake (which is the biggest fresh water lake in Argentina) and Viedma Lake. We could see Viedma Glacier in the distance and a few icebergs floating in the lake. The hikers could also see rheas (large birds related to ostriches) and guanacos (camelids native to southamerica) during the drive. After discussing the characteristics of the guanaco, it was chosen as our team name. Once in El Chalten, we hiked to the Condors and Eagles lookouts with great views of the little town and Viedma Lake. We could spot three condors nicely riding the thermals as well! The day ended with a nice dinner at La Tapera Restaurant. Team members say hi and send their best to families and friends. Thanks for following. More soon!





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