The climbers head up

Namaste friends, family and loved ones,
We said our goodbyes to the the Pied Hikers this morning and followed the Imja Kola river up valley towards Tibet (6 miles away). We, the Pied Climbers, arrived in outpost Chukkung in time for lunch. The chicken chilli and fried noodles were excellent.

Our afternoon was spent checking our climbing equipment and refreshing our knot tying skills. We are well and looking forward to our climb of Island Peak. Also known as Imja Tse, it stands over 5100 meters tall. Somewhat dwarfed by it’s grand neibors, Imja Tse would be a monster montain anywhere else.

Please stay tuned to our progress reports, though due to going of grid they may be sporadic.

All my best,
Vern Tejas
Senior Mountain Guide

All my best,Vern Tejas


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