Everest Basecamp Trek 2019 – Yetis trek to Kumjung!

Namaste friends, family and loved ones!

We backtracked a bit today to regain the Khumbu valley. In the process we had to cross the roaring Bote Kosi river. Many yak trains on the trail kept us alert.

We were fortunate to visit a freshly built nunnery in the village of Thamo. The nuns were performing their once a month puja ceremony when we walked in. The discordant sounds of horns, reeds, cymbals and drums filled the Gompa. We were mesmerized by their chanting.

Just a few hours later we descended into the potato capital of the Khumbu, Kunde. Here we took in a fascinating tour of the world famous Hillary clinic, built in 1966. As some of our team members are of the medical profession, many good questions were asked of the doctor. I learned a lot.

Tomorrow we head up valley to the holy place of Tengboche monastery. Team members are adapting well to the thin air.

All our best, Carole and Vern Tejas


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