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Private gear consultations put you in touch with one of our expert Gear Pros, who will be with you from the first conversation until your bags are packed and ready to go. We’re about straight-shooting, reality-based gear solutions to the harsh realities of life in the mountains – not glorified sales pitches! Contact us using the form below and a Gear Pro will quickly get in touch, or tab through more information above!

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Get to know your Gear Pros.

Matt Miller
A genuine gear-junkie and adventure-lover, Matt has spent countless days and nights in most wilderness contexts. He is a chronic do-it-all-er, and harbors a secret passion for the water that nearly outweighs his love of the mountains. Matt has climbed and skied in Zermatt and Chamonix, caught sunburns on hot southwestern sandstone, paddled whitewater from Washington to Wales, and is a certified Grade V Cascades Range bushwhacker. Despite loving low-elevation mountains like those of Patagonia, Matt has also sucked wind on the summit of Denali and developed HAPE on Aconcagua. Ask Matt about “tiny doughnut” fabric, what it’s like to have your blood oxygen saturation at 45%, and why he uses Black Diamond glove shells with Rab glove liners.

Brendan Smith
Pictured here on Dragontail’s Triple Couloirs route, Brendan was born & raised a mountaineer in the Pacific Northwest. He got his start very early, first summiting Rainier around the age of 15 with another teen as his only partner. Brendan has climbed many of the significant objectives in our region…and intends to continue ticking routes in good style. He prefers to move fast & light, and has done single-day ascents of Mount Baker, Mount Rainier (via the Kautz Glacier!), and Glacier Peak to name a few. Ask Brendan about techy hardware or why he calls bright orange “backpack orange”.

Mike Hawkins
Mike is a seasoned world-traveling adventurer who has climbed in 11 countries and on 6 of the 7 continents (Antarctica 2020!). His experiences include extended treks through the Himalaya & New Zealand, countless local ascents amidst the Cascade Range, and hundreds of days spent guiding or instructing in mountain boots, rock shoes, or ski boots. Aside from a solo ascent of Ecuador’s 19,347 ft. Cotopaxi, Mike’s proudest achievement is as the FKT-holder for Queen Anne Hill, which looms large just beyond Alpine Ascents’ Seattle HQ. He is deeply practical and meticulously organized, so talk to Mike when you want to be certain you’ve missed nothing as you prep for your next expedition.

Marc Simonpietri
After a few too many years in the flatter land of the Midwest where ice climbing could only be found in old limestone quarries, Marc exploded into the Pacific Northwest as a climber and skier. He has since climbed most of Cascadia’s volcanoes and spent countless days finding out “how small is too small” for a climbing hold. Marc is a steady wilderness traveler no matter the weather or outlook…except when he’s dehydrated and grounded by quad cramps. Talk to Marc when your plans might involve too much “Type II fun” but you plan to go anyway – his enthusiasm is guaranteed to motivate you to send it.

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