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Andy Gill

Andy Gill

Mountain Guide: Washington

Andy brings to Alpine Ascents a passion for educating and a deep love of wilderness. Growing up on cross-country skis in the kettle moraine of Wisconsin, Andy learned to yearn for big mountains while studying chemistry during college in California. En route to becoming a professional outdoor educator and guide he climbed alpine rock and glacier across the US, Ecuador, and Peru. He comes to Alpine Ascents following many years instructing climbing, backpacking, and skiing for various schools, colleges, and companies. Some of his more memorable climbing moments include dodging giant bulls on the approach to Mt. Carihuaiazo in Ecuador and reaching summits across the Tetons with his best friend Nate. When not out climbing or skiing, Andy can be found practicing Spanish, tending to his bee hive, or enjoying time with his wife and daughter, Jenn and Lucy.

Significant Ascents

Cotopaxi (3x) (Ecuador)
Carihuaiazo (2x) (Ecuador)
Pisco Oeste (Peru)
Urus (Peru)
Ishinca (Peru)
Mt Rainier
Mt Baker (5x -various routes and ski descents)
Mt Stuart complete N. Ridge
Mt Hood
Forbidden Peak
El Dorado, Spring Glacier
Colchuck Peak, Triple Couloirs
Grand Teton
Liberty Crack: Liberty Bell
50+ multi-pitch gear rock routes across the US
Various Water Ice routes in CO, WA, and Canada


Wilderness First Responder / CPR
AMGA Rock Instructor Course
Avalanche Level I & II
PSIA Instructor
PADI diver


“A wilderness therapy intervention…” Advocates Forum University of Chicago 2006


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