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Evan Miller

Evan Miller

Guide: Washington, Alaska, International

This is Evan’s first season working for Alpine Ascents. He brings a decade of experience as an instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School, where he worked 140 weeks as a climbing, mountaineering and backcountry ski course leader. He was also a program supervisor for three winters at the NOLS Teton Valley Branch. Most recently, Evan worked as a Field Safety Coordinator for the United States Antarctic Program, guiding scientists and conducting field training courses on Ross Island and in the Trans Antarctics.

Equally content on skis, in rock shoes, or donning crampons and mountain boots, Evan has climbed extensively in the Western United States. His preference is for long, classic, adventure climbs. He has led numerous expeditions in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Alaska, Washington, Antarctica, India, New Zealand, Argentina, as well as British Columbia’s Coast Range and Southern Columbias.

When not climbing or skiing, Evan tinkers on his live in Sprinter van, spends time with his girlfriend and enjoys long coffee sessions accompanied by cribbage, chess, scrabble and of course a pile of guidebooks. Evan is excited to tie in with you!

Guide For:


Significant Ascents


Mt. Huntington, Harvard Route
Mt. Brooks, North Ridge
Mt. Valhalla (guided)
Mt. Fafnir (guided)

BC Coast Range
Mt. Waddington, Bravo Glacier
Stiletto Peak, Chilton-Must
Tiedemann Tower

North Cascades
Mt. Baker (guided), 2 routes
Mt. Shuksan (guided), 2 routes
Dome Peak (guided)
Glacier Peak, Chocolate Glacier (guided)
Sinister Peak, North Face
Dragontail Peak, Triple Couloirs
Colchuck Balanced Rock, West Face
Liberty Crack (4 hour ascent)
Eldorado Peak, East Ridge
Mt. Stuart, Ice Cliff Glacier (no summit, but a wild ski!)

Rocky Mountains
Grand Teton, Complete Exum Ridge
North Howser Tower (Bugaboos), All Along the Watchtower
Bugaboo Spire, NE Ridge
Mt. Bonneville (Winds) (guided)
Ambush Peak (Winds) (guided)
Pronghorn Peak (Winds) (guided)
Nylon Peak (Winds) (guided)
Gannett Peak (Winds) (guided)
Bastion Peak (Winds) (guided)
Warbonnet (Winds), Black Elk

Mt. Whitney, East Ridge
Mt. Mendel, Mendel Right Couloir
North Palisade Peak, U-Notch Couloir
Incredible Hulk: Red Dihedral, Polish Route, Positive Vibrations, Sunspot Dihedral
3rd Pillar of Dana
Mt. Sill, Swiss Arete
El Cap: Salathe Wall, Zodiac
Half Dome, Reg. NW Face (1 day ascent)
Mt. Watkins, South Face (1 day ascent)
Liberty Cap, SW Face
Sentinel: Chouinard-Herbert, Steck-Salathe
Middle Cathedral: Ho Chi Minh Trail, Stoner’s Highway
Lower Cathedral, Beggar’s Buttress

Colorado Plateau
Black Canyon of the Gunnison: Astro Dog, The Flakes, The Scenic Cruise, Southern Arete
Zion: Tricks of the Trade, Tatoween, Shune’s Buttress, Voices from the Dust


Wilderness First Responder/CPR
Avalanche Level 3
AMGA Rock Guide Course
AMGA Alpine Guide Course
Leave No Trace Master Educator

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