Fred Alldredge

Fred Alldredge

Guide: Washington

Fred Alldredge began his guiding career on Mt. Rainier in 1993 and has been pursuing a life in the wild places of the world ever since. He has climbed and guided in Alaska, the Himalayas, Antarctica, South and North America and Europe. In 2004, he began work as a wildland firefighter for the Bureau of Land Management and has operated on both Hotshot fire crews and as a rapid response helicopter deployed firefighter. Fred spends his winters filling in as a lead guide at a premier helicopter skiing operation based in Nevada’s Ruby Mountains and working with an Antarctic based logistics company as an aviation coordinator and safety adviser where he helps to train the staff in risk assessment and emergency response.

Significant Ascents

Mt. Everest – 2 expeditions
Denali – 5 expeditions
Mt. Rainier – over 45 summits
Illimani and Huayna Potosi, Bolivia – 5 expeditions
Cotopoxi and Cayembe, Ecuador – 4 expeditions
Pisco and Vauyna Naruju, Peru
Mt. Blanc– 3 expeditions
Everest Base Camp Trek Leader


Avalanche Level 3


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