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Peter Biskind

Peter Biskind

Guide: Alaska

Pete Comes to AAI with a diverse guiding background including; rock, rivers, sailboats and, currently, skis. As a Midwestern boy, eager to play in the mountains, Pete taught himself rope skills by aid-climbing trees and building zip lines in the forest. His first guiding experience comes from rock climbing, whitewater rafting trips and ski patrolling. He loves to teach Swiftwater and Avalanche rescue classes to help people hone their skills so they can travel safely in the mountains. He currently spends 11 months a year on snow as a guide and avalanche forecaster sharing time between Alaska, New Zealand’s Southern Alps, Antarctica, and Japan’s wonderland of snow: Hokkaido. When he is not in the mountains Pete finds time on the beach or with family.

Significant Ascents

Mt. Rainier
Mt Adams – Ski and Climb
Mt Hood – Ski
Grand Teton – Ski and Climb
Middle Teton – Ski
Mini Morrison – Ski
Billy Mitchel N Face – Ski
Mt Hunter – Ski (no summit)
Mt Francis – Ski
Mt Diamond N Face – Ski

New Zealand:
Mt Phipps – Ski
Mt Temple – Ski
Mt Blimit – Ski
Mt Jackson – Ski

Wapta Traverse

Trans Atlantic Sailing Voyage
Trans Pacific Sailing Voyage
1000 Commercial River days



AMGA Ski Guide and Advanced Ski Guide Courses
Avalanche Level 3
Leave No Trace Trainer


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