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Rich Meyer

Rich Meyer

Guide: Washington

Rich began guiding for Alpine Ascents in 2006 with a successful summit of Denali. Since then he has returned to Washington every summer to guide on Mt. Rainier for Alpine Ascents. Rich has been guiding for over a dozen years and his adventures vary from single day backcountry ski tours, to month long expeditions. Guiding peaks such as Denali, Rainier, Shasta, Baker, Lassen, Cayambe, Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Puyehue, and scores of Sierra Nevada summits are just one part of Rich’s career. He is also frequently teaching avalanche courses, glacier travel courses, crevasse rescue courses, and ski mountaineering courses. Rich is constantly striving to improve and expand his skills with extensive education from: the AMGA, AIARE, NOLS, WMI, PSIA, and many other organizations. Rich has been fortunate to have guiding take him to places like: Antarctica, Alaska, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, France, Italy, Switzerland, and throughout the western United States. Rich is focused on safety and communication, and looking forward to his next adventure.

Significant Ascents

High Sierra:
Half Dome via Snake Dike, Yosemite
Cathedral Peak, Yosemite
Mt. Dana — Summit & Dana Couloir ski descent x 3
Mt. Dana — Solstice Couloir ski descent
Mt. Ellery — Chute Out ski descent
North Peak — Summit & ski descent
Kid Mountain — Summit & Ski descent
Mt. Agassiz — Summit & ski descent
Mt. Langley — Summit
Bloody Mountain — Summit & ski descent
Carson Peak — Summit & ski descent
Mt. Whitney — Summit & Mountaineers Route ski descent
Mt. Tom — ski descent
Mt. Emerson — Summit & Emerson couloir ski descent
Red Slate Peak — Red Slate couloir ski descent
Matterhorn peak — Summit & Ski Dreams ski descent
Wahoo Gullies — Various ski descents
Lake Tahoe:
100’s of Ski descents throughout Lake Tahoe
Grand Teton — Owens/Spaulding Wittich crack variation
Freemont Peak — Wind River Range WY
Devils Tower — Durrance Route
Needles South Dakota — Cathedral Spires
Haute Route — European Alps: Chamonix to Zermatt x2
Hut to hut ski touring with summits of the Rosablanche & Pinga de Arolla
Ortler tour – Hut to hut ski touring – Italian Alps
Berner-Oberland — Hut to hut ski touring in the Swiss Alps
Mt. Baldy Summit & Ski descent
Mt Shasta Summit (100 + summits & 30+ ski descents)
South Sister Oregon — Summit & ski descent
Mt. Hood — Summit x 3 & ski descent of Wy East face
Mt. Lassen -Summit & Ski descent x 5
Mt. Adams — Summit & ski descent of SW Chutes
Mt. Rainier — 19 ascents & 15 summits
Mt. Baker — Summit & ski descent
N. Cascades – Silver Star Summit & Ski descent
Eldorado Summit & ski descent
British Columbia:
Mt. Tremor — Ski descent
Mt. Decker — Ski Descent
Ecuador — Three guided expeditions:
Cayambe — 3 summits
Cotopaxi — 3 summits
Chimborazo — 1 summit
Chile ski guiding:
Casablanca — Summit & Ski
Puyehue — Summit & Ski
Osorno — Summit & Ski
Villarica — Summit & Ski
Ski Expedition — Antarctic Peninsula ski touring access by ship


Leave No Trace Trainer
Wilderness First Responder/CPR
Avalanche Level III
AIARE certified Avalanche Instructor


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