10+Years of Service John Hauf
Guide: International

Trained as a climber and wildlife biologist, John has had a special affinity for wild places ever since he was a child. He is an educator, mountaineer, explorer, entrepreneur and true believer in the power of trust, respect and tolerance. He is one of our African/Kilimanjaro experts, having lived in Kenya where he became fluent in Kiswahili. John also has a special attraction to Patagonia's Northern Ice Field where he has conducted numerous expeditions. He has climbed extensively in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America, including Kilimanjaro, Denali, Aconcagua, Mexico, Yosemite, New Zealand and a bunch of places not many folks have ever heard of. During his 24-year long career with the National Outdoor Leadership School, he accumulated 300+ field weeks and founded and directed the Patagonia School in southern Chile for fifteen years. John was a member of Chile's National Committee on Safety and Risk Prevention in Mountain Sports and a private outdoor risk management consultant. Recently John guides for us on Denali and we look forward to him guiding our Kilimanjaro Climbs in 2015. John is extremely excited to be returning to East Africa and Mount Kilimanjaro and is brushing up on the Kiswahili he learned while living in nearby Kenya some years ago. Trained as a wildlife biologist, he is also looking forward to being near the many "large, charismatic mega-vertebrates" climbers see on safari.  Most recently John led our successful 2014 Kilimanjaro Season. He has had many trips with 100% summit success and has helped hundreds of climbers to the top. John is one of the best Kili guides around and an honor to be on the mountain with.

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Wilderness First Responder/CPR
Leave No Trace Master Educator