2007 Mexico Volcanoes Cybercast

hola every in cyberspace.  thanks for checking in on team Los Tres Amigos down here in mexico.  We just arrived in Ameccamecca after an attempt on Ixta.  Ixta is the "sleeping lady" according to aztec mythology.  Well the lady said no.  We spent last night at a hut around 15,400 ft.  There we were greeted with 50 mph gusts and a mixture of sleet, hail and driving rain.  We woke at 5 am this morning to near zero visibility and knew we were being rejected by our lady.  Mid-morning we broke camp and headed down the mountain in ankle deep slush.  The team is in good spirits regardless as we have completed our acclimitization and turn our attention to our primary objective, Pico de Orizaba.  Tommrow we will enjoy a rest day in Puebla on the way to our next base camp. Wish us luck.

Hello there friends, family and fans thanks for tuning into the Alpine Ascents 2007 Mexico Expedition cybercast. Today is day three of our trip, our cell phone coverage is spotty but our assistant guide graciously loaned us his phone and we found a place where we were able to get some reception. Yesterday we drove in to the little town of Amecameca and saw the market. We came up to a beautiful hut here at the base of Itza at 13,125 feet we spent the night and had a wonderful meal of burritos. Today we did an acclimatization hike to 15,125 feet, everyone was feeling really strong. We cached 5 liters of water per person up there. Tomorrow morning early we will head up to the Ayaloco Hut which is just under 16,000 feet. The following morning we will go for the summit of Izta, so that will be early Tuesday morning. If everything goes as planned, after the climb we will return to the town of Amecameca. We will leave another cybercast to let you know how that summit went. It has been a little rainy and foggy but it is clearing up right now and we are looking forward to a wonderful climb. We have decided on a team name it is going to be, los Tres Amigos; the three amigos because JJ, Tom and Don have been climbing together for a long time. So stay tuned and we wanted to let everyone know that we hope that you are having as much fun as we are. This is Brent signing off.

Welcome friends, family and fans thanks for tuning in to the 2007 Alpine Ascents Mexico Volcanoes cybercast. Our expedition begins today here in beautiful Mexico City as we take in the sites, sounds and smells from the beautiful market place, the taco stands and mariachi bands. This evening we will also get the chance to visit some of the beautiful plazas and cathedrals located nearby. Tomorrow we will begin making our way towards el Pico de Iztaccihuatl and el Pico de Orizaba and. I am joined by Don Aubrey, JJ Porro and Tom Porro. Everyone is doing well and looking forward to the up coming climbs. So stay tuned as we attempt to climb the 3rd and 7th highest peaks in North America. This is Brent Langlinais signing off.

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