Mongolia Trek & Climb

Mount Khuiten (14,350ft/4375m) - Malchin Peak (13,655ft/4163m)

Mongolia Day to Day Itinerary (Subject to change)

July 9: Depart U.S. for Mongolia.

July 10: Arrive in Ulaan Bataar.

July 11: We'll tour the city and attend the sports festival of Nadaam. During our days in Ulaan Bataar, we'll attend Nadaam events and tour traditional monasteries.

July 12: We'll fly to Bayan Olgii. After preparing our gear and discussing Leave No Trace practices, we'll travel by jeep and head toward the Tavan Bogd region. We'll visit with nomads living in traditional gers (tents) and cross great alpine meadows filled with livestock of yak, sheep, horses and camels. We'll camp in the lower alpine meadows.

July 13: We'll to the Potaniin glacier and establish our Base Camp for our climbs of Malchin and Khuiten. This approach is a magnificent hike over tundra terrain. Once we surmount the pass to the Tavang Bogd Glacier, all of the Mongolian Altai mountains stand before us. Along with our two-person tents in Base Camp, a ger will be set up for cooking and dining, allowing us to live in the traditional manner of the Nomads.

July 14: We'll climb a non-technical peak. This climb begins directly out of Base Camp and ascends a scree ridge for 2,000 feet, for a 3,500-foot total climb. The climb takes approximately five to seven hours, and we'll have great views of the Altai mountains in all three countries; Mongolia, Russia and China.

July 15: Active rest day, with snow and ice training on glacier, and camping.

July 16: We'll move to High Camp on the glacier.

July 17: Ascent of Khuiten. While the climbers ascend Mt. Khuiten, trekkers explore the lower glaciers. The climb of Khuiten begins with a long traverse of the Potaniin Glacier, leading directly to the border of Russia. Just before reaching the border, we'll establish High Camp on the glacier. From this Advanced Base Camp, we'll turn left and surmount the North Ridge, a 3,000-foot moderate-to-steep snow ridge often broken with crevasses. The North Ridge takes us directly to the summit, where we'll stand on the highest point in Mongolia, viewing all the peaks of the Altai. We'll then return to camp.

July 18: Upon completion of Khuiten, we'll attempt the summit of nearby Nairandal, then return to Base Camp.

July 19: After completing our climbs, we'll return back to the ger at the trailhead and begin travel to Olgii. Here, we'll usually have the opportunity to ride back on Mongolian horses.

July 20: Drive to Sagsai Town, overnight in hotel.

July 21: Drive back to Bayan Olgii for morning tour. Afternoon flight to Ulaan Bataar.

July 22: Free day in Ulaan Bataar for shopping/ sightseeing

July 23: Depart for country of origin.

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