Peter Moore
Guide: International, Washington, Alaska

Peter is a Northwest native hooked on the green forests and snow-capped, rocky peaks of the Cascades. I enjoy long bushwacks to uncrowded peaks, summiting at sunrise and good coffee in the mountains. I have guided for Alpine Ascents for four years. I predominately guide in my home range, the Cascades, climbing Mt Rainier, Mt Baker and teaching mountaineering courses. I have also guided a successful Denali expedition in 2014 and will be guiding on Aconcagua in 2015 with AAI. In the summer I'm a volcano climber by trade and passion. In the fall I chase the sun and rock climb as much as possible, but the long winter of the Northwest might be my favorite season and I usually ski over 100 days.

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Significant Ascents

Mt. Rainier (24 ascents by 5 routes, 1 in winter, 1 ski descent)
Mt. Baker (10)
Glacier Peak 
Mt. Adams
Mt. St Helens
Mt. Hood (6 ski descents)
Mt. Shuksan
Dragontail Peak
Mt. Stuart
Prussik Peak
Exfoliation Dome
Paissano Pinnacle and the North Face of Burgundy Spire 
Mt Triumph
Forbidden Peak 


Avalanche Level I and II
Leave No Trace Trainer
Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician