Alpine Ascents Outreach Programs

Current Outreach Partners

Here are the outstanding organizations Alpine Ascents partners with in their fundraising efforts. See our history page for organizations we have worked with in the past.

Climb to Fight Breast Cancer
Contributions play a pivotal role in propelling the Hutchinson's Center's efforts to prevent, detect and treat breast cancer, saving countless lives in the process. Every year, outdoor enthusiasts join together to ascend some of the world's most breathtaking mountains in honor or memory of loved ones who have battled breast cancer. The Climb to Fight Breast Cancer ® allows you to touch the top of states, countries and continents while raising vital funds and awareness toward finding a cure.

Climbs with Alpine Ascents include Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, Denali, Kilimanjaro, Mt. Elbrus and the Everest Base Camp Trek. Contact:, email: or call 206.667.1398

REI Climbs for Mount Rainier's Search and Rescue
REI's climb with Alpine Ascents, International was established in 2014. Their focus?  To help Mount Rainier's Search and Rescue rangers and volunteers.  2014 proceeds will fund a much needed telecommunication system at Rainier's more remote Camp Schurman.  For the first time ever, rangers and mountain rescue teams will be able to communicate to others as together, they work to save lives and help those in need.  Funds flow through Washington's National Park Fund.  For more information, call 206-623-2063.

The Climb for Cancer Foundation
Created to help end cancer and to improve the lives of individuals fighting this deadly disease. The Climb for Cancer Foundation is now forming a team for their Kilimanjaro 2013 expedition and looking for partners for other climbs. View the website at: or call 352-333-9663 for more information.

Summit4stemcell is a grass roots group of individuals commited to funding Parkinsons research where a patient's skin cells are converted to IPG cells and then reprogrammed to become dopamine producing neurons. With FDA approval these cells will be transplanted back into the brains of the eight chosen Parkinson's patients in our project. This is a joint project between Dr Melissa Houser at the Scripps Clinic and Dr Jeanne Loring from the Center of Integrative medicine at The Scripps Research Institute.

We are looking for climbers that either have Parkinson's Disease or are related to someone who does to join our team as we trek to base camp of Everest in October of 2013. All funds raised through our efforts will go directly to the Summit4stemcell project. Please email: for more information.

The Alpine Ascents Sherpa Educaton Fund
The Alpine Ascents Sherpa Educaton Fund would like to partner with climbers or trekkers to raise funds to finance a first-class education for a group of Sherpa students who hearken from the rural, mountainous areas that surround Mt. Everest in Nepal. Please visit or email for more information.