Avalanche Rescue Kit Zoom+

Avalanche Rescue Kit Zoom+



The Zoom+ avalanche rescue kit gives you an economical way to get three key pieces for your mountain adventures. 

ZOOM+ avalanche transceiver
The ZOOM+ is a handy, reliable transceiver that combines simple handling with modern technology and advanced design. With only two functional buttons, the ZOOM+ concentrates on intuitive usability, with faulty operation virtually impossible. Equipped with the patented SMART-ANTENNA-TECHNOLOGY, which analyzes the position of the antennas in the avalanche and automatically switches to the best transmission antenna, avalanche victims are found easier and quicker.

BADGER shovel
A super lightweight aluminum shovel with an ergonomic, hybrid grip for maximum power transmission. Its sizable blade volume of 2.5 liters is backed up by robust design, pronounced center ridge and high side walls for full rigidity. Non-slip grooves on the top edge of the blade provide adequate traction when wearing boots. A centering aid in the shaft socket facilitates rapid assembly.

ALU 240 probe
A 240cm probe with a quick-lock assembly system allowing for quick and simple set up and collapsing. The tension can be set by simply turning the optimized adjusting screw, the large probe tip ensures improved penetration and featuring easy-to-read depth markers, a clear 1-meter marker and a neon orange bottom segment to optimally adapt the shoveling strategy.

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