Bivy Booty

Bivy Booty



This waterproof overshoe works in conjunction with your Exped Down Sock or Exped Camp Booty to create the ultimate overshoe for basecamp.

The latest, 2021 version of these booty's include an updated low-profile, waterproof, welded outsole and welt as well as a denser, more durable, inregrated midsole.

The slip-proof outer sole continues to be constructed of environmentally friendly, recycled TPE material and is pulled up high around the sides as protection against ice and sharp edges. The padded heel is insulated and provides protection when legs are stretched out on cold ground. Two adjustable elastic cords can be handled easily even with gloves.
  • Small: US M 5-7, W 6-8
  • Medium: US M 7-9, W 8-10
  • Large: US M 10-11, W 11-12
  • Extra Large: US M 12-13, W 13-14


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