5-Day Climb of Liberty Ridge, Mount Rainier

(14,411 ft) Washington

This program is for climbers who are very fit, technically proficient with the use of crampons and ice tools, and serious about the committing nature of this route. Liberty Ridge divides the Willis and Liberty walls on Mt. Rainier. The approach to the ridge is long, and we will use several camps during the climb. Our objective is to climb the route to the summit and descend along the Emmons Glacier route. We hope to complete this climb in four days; however we reserve an extra day for bad weather.

Our climb of Liberty Ridge on Mt. Rainier is one of the most technical and physical demanding climbs we do in the lower 48 states. Every day we carry packs of 50-plus pounds, climbing for seven to eight hours, (summit day can easily be over 10 hours). The terrain on Liberty Ridge itself is continuous snow and ice from 30 to 50 degrees in steepness. For a minimum of two days in a row you will be required to carry a 50-lb. pack on this terrain climbing with two ice tools and cover up to 3,000 ft. per day. You need to be in the best shape of your life, and be comfortable on steep snow and ice using two ice tools.

PREREQUISITES- 60 Pound Pack Required

Climbing Skill Level
Previous technical training and climbing experience is required.
Technical training:
- Climbers should have completed our 6 Day, 8 Day or 10 Day course or equivalent
- Climbers need to have completed the above course successfully and be well versed in basic climbing techniques and ice axe use
- Two or more snow/glacier climbs which have pitches of 40-50 angle degrees
- Competency with two ice tools
- Completion of an ice climbing course
- Approval of climbing bio/resume by Alpine Ascents

Physical Conditioning
At a minimum you need to be able to physically carry a 50lb pack on continuous steep snow and ice (30 to 50 degrees) for up eight hours several days in a row using two ice tools

Why Climb Rainier With Alpine Ascents?

Quality of Our Climbs
Alpine Ascents has taken a unique approach to climbing Mount Rainier. Our summit climbs and training programs are oriented not only towards summit success but in giving you instruction in mountaineering techniques that you can use where ever you chose to climb. Our dedication to teaching sound mountaineering practices such as Leave No Trace as well as providing you a better understanding of geology, glaciology and safe climbing are the cornerstone of our company.

Our guiding team is comprised of world-renowned guides and full-time professional climbers. While some of these guides have historical climbing achievements synonymous with their names, others are well known for their guiding and teaching experience. A number of our guides have been recipients of coveted climbing awards and scholarships. Our guides are an integral part of Alpine Ascents because they understand and share our climbing principles. These individuals are dedicated to sharing their excellence with others. Many of our guides have been with Alpine Ascents for over five years, with a handful of veterans working with us for most of their careers. The quality of our Guide Staff is the primary difference between us and our competitors. The role of an Alpine Ascents guide is to impart knowledge, use calculated judgment and assist individual climber development. Our guides are experienced educators who evaluate their strengths by monitoring climbers' achievements. Thus we stress our acute ability to provide students and expedition members with personal attention, realizing the commitment to assist each climber in obtaining their goals.

Alpine Ascents has over 20 years experience guiding the world’s highest mountains and 9 years experience guiding on Mount Rainier. From our inception in 1986, the founder, senior administrative staff and several senior guides are still working with Alpine Ascents and leading trips around the world. Our intent is to provide the same level of quality, service, safety and environmental stewardship that has been our trademark throughout the guiding community. (See more about us, our guides and staff)

Guide Ratio
Alpine Ascents offers you a guide ratio of one guide for every two climbers on every summit climb. This allows for increased safety, more individualized instruction and more guides to assist on summit day. Our guides will be teachers and impart knowledge throughout the program.

Seattle Based
Alpine Ascents is the only guide service that drives you round trip Seattle -Mt Rainier – Seattle. Our shuttle eliminates a $200 car rental and a complicated two hour drive each way to the mountain

Tents Equipment & Meals
Provided: All group climbing equipment: climbing ropes and technical hardware; tents, and meals (except lunch). Transportation is provided for this climb.

Not provided: Personal equipment. You are responsible for all items on the Gear List. Alpine Ascents has high quality gear for rent. See Rental Form

Comprehensive training information can be found here.

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