AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Safety Course Itinerary

Shane and Bryce did a great job of pushing our learning and ensuring we had adequate understanding of the backcountry and avalanche safety and rescue. They were thorough, straightforward, friendly, encouraging, and constructively critical, and gave me such insight into my strengths and weaknesses in the backcountry. I am inspired to continue the skills they taught me and cannot thank them enough. –

Online Curriculum

Our program includes AIARE online education training. This online training allows students to move at their own pace, learning about the avalanche phenomenon prior to the field sessions of the course. The online education generally takes 4-6 hours and can be completed at any time prior to the course.

Virtual Classroom Session

You will have a Zoom meeting with your course instructor and other students from 7-9PM PST on the Tuesday prior to your field sessions.  SheJumps courses will have Zoom meetings on Wednesdays from 7-9PM. During this virtual classroom session, your instructor will cover additional education topics, answer questions from the online curriculum, and prepare the class for the field portion of the course.


Field sessions will run from 8am-4pm in the backcountry. You should arrive with everything on the gear list, prepared to spend full days in the field. Bring lunch, high energy snacks, and two full water bottles. During the weeknight Zoom session, your instructor will clearly outline the meeting time and location.

For courses at Mount Rainier: Alpine Ascents will provide transportation from Ashford, WA to the Paradise trailhead in Mount Rainier National Park.

Field Day 1– 8am-4pm

The instructor team will lead a discussion analyzing the avalanche forecast and how to apply it to the tour plan for the day. In the field, participants will become familiar with observing avalanche factors, techniques of avalanche rescue, snowpack profile practice (digging pits), and traveling safely in the backcountry.

Lodging is not provided as part of this course. You are welcome to lodge wherever your prefer near the course venue the night of Day 1, or return home that night if you live locally.

Field Day 2– 8am-4pm

We will review the avalanche forecast and create detailed tour plans for backcountry travel. During the day participants will travel in small groups, executing their tour plans and refining lessons learned from the previous days.

I had SO much fun on my She Jumps Avy 1 Course. Baker was incredibly stormy one day, and blue bird the next. Our guides were methodical, calculated, and thorough. I would recommend this class to anyone that plans on spending any amount of time in the backcountry participating in winter sports.  Lyra, Jess and Robin all kept a cool, calm, collected, and professional manner the entire weekend. I felt incredibly safe and accounted for. – AIARE Level 1 Student 2022

Initially, I was not sure if I should go with AAI or the competition. I went with AAI and will not go with anyone else in the future – a top-notch organization.

Photo courtesy of Ruby Mountain Heli-Ski
Photo courtesy of Ruby Mountain Heli-Ski

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