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Everest 2018 – Rest Days at Camp 1

Hello Everyone, After a restful rest day yesterday here at Camp 1 our plan was to move to Camp 2 today but there was a collapse in the icefall early in the morning that prevented our Sherpa from coming up to Camp 1 so we decided to change plans and have another rest day here … Continue reading “Rest days at Camp 1”

Everest 2018 – Preparations for First Rotation

Hello Everyone, The last couple of days we have done a couple more hikes to help acclimatize and the guide team did a climb to Camp 1 to drop off some gear and to check out the icefall. The icefall this year is in excellent shape so far. It’s pretty fast to travel through too … Continue reading “Hikes, and preparations for the first rotation”

Everest 2018 – Pumori Hike

Hello Everyone, Today after breakfast we took off for another acclimatization hike up towards Pumori to about 18,500ft. In the afternoon we relaxed and enjoyed some snacks before another delicious dinner cooked by Gopal. Tomorrow morning Eric, Jangbu, and myself will head up to camp 1 to check out the route and carry some of … Continue reading “Pumori Hike”

Everest 2018 – Day of Remembrance

Hello Everyone, Today we observed a day of remembrance and no climbing for the tragic event in 2014 that took the lives of 16 people in the icefall. For those of us that were there and the friends we lost that day is one that will not soon be forgotten. It was a quiet day … Continue reading “Day of remembrance”

Everest 2018 – Guide Team Photos


Everest 2018 – Team Member Photos

Everest 2018 – Puja Day!

Hello Everyone, We had an excellent day for our Puja today! So great to have the entire team together for this ceremony, asking for safe passage on Everest this season. We have a great staff and a great team of climbers this year as always! Thankful for Alpine Ascents to provide us all with jackets, … Continue reading “Puja Day!”

Everest 2018 – Training Day in Basecamp

Hello Everyone, Today we did some training in the lower Khumbu glacier. Our team did an outstanding job getting through the obstacle course that Eric and Jangbu set up. We had one horizontal ladder, a vertical ladder, and many ups and downs over ice fins to simulate what the icefall will be like. Our climbers … Continue reading “Training Day in Basecamp”

Everest 2018 – Hike to Pumori

Hello Everyone, After breakfast today we went on a few hour hike up towards Pumori Basecamp. We gained about 600ft or so on our first group hike after arriving to Basecamp on the 10th. It felt good to stretch the legs and gain some altitude while we are slowly acclimatizing. This was our first hike … Continue reading “Hike to Pumori”

Everest 2018 – Getting Settled into Basecamp

Hello Everyone, Not much has been going on here for our Everest/Lhotse/Camp 2 team the last couple of days but we did get the horseshoe pits ready today after breakfast! Actually a lot is going on in our bodies as we acclimatize to 17,500ft. We are building more red blood cells and getting more oxygen … Continue reading “Getting settled into Everest Basecamp”


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