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Everest 2018 – Kathmandu!

Hello Everyone, Sorry for the delay in the wrap up of this expedition! We are all safely back in Kathmandu, and members are departing back to their home countries. Thanks to Jiban, Lakpa Rita, Alpine Ascents office staff, the guides, and all of our Sherpa and Nepali crew who helped make this such a successful … Continue reading “Kathmandu!”

Everest 2018 – Summit List

Huge congratulations to our climbers as they make their way back home from this successful expedition. Alpine Ascents would like to recognize each team member who summited. Everest Summit: Ben Jones Eric Murphy Jangbu Sherpa Ian Swift Jose L Fernandez Luke Timmerman Jason Patry Slav Tokarev Milka Raulin Geneva Keaton Brian Cheripko Fur Kancha sherpa […]

Everest 2018 – Back at Basecamp!

Hello Everyone, We have all made it safe and sound back down to Basecamp this morning! It’s such a great feeling to be back in Basecamp and through the Khumbu icefall for our last time. Everyone is tired but extremely happy about the success of this expedition. We are relaxing and packing in preparation for … Continue reading “Basecamp!”

Everest 2018 – Congrats to Lhotse climbers!

Hello Everyone, Great to report today that 2 of our climbers also climbed Lhotse today in less than 24 hours after summiting Everest!! Jangbu, Karma Serki, Kami Gelgen, Jose Luis, and Jay all summited Lhotse today and beat the rest of the team back to camp 2! This is Jangbu’s 2nd time to do this … Continue reading “Lhotse climbers summit!”

Everest 2018 – Lhotse Team Summits!

Hello everyone another great News reported by jangbu sherpa fro the summit of mount Lhotshe. The entire lhotshe team reach to the summit at 5:30 am Nepal time. Huge congratulations to Jangbu sherpa, Jose L Sanchez Fernandez, Jason Partrt and Karma sarkee sherpa for summited Everest and Lhotshe under 24 Hours. Also congratulations to kami … Continue reading “Lhotshe team made to the summit”

Everest 2018 Summit!

Hello Everyone, As you’ve probably heard from Lakpa Rita through the night we have all safely and successfully climbed to the Top of the World today. We arrived in two different groups so we didn’t get an entire group photo but here are a couple photos from today. We are all resting back in the … Continue reading “Summit!”

Everest 2018 – Report from the Summit

Hello everyone, team reported that the entire team is standing on the summit of Everest, as ben mention it was a great summit day not to many peoples, no wind and sunny. Team starting to summit from 6:27 till 7:28 they are going to take photos and starting to decent to south cool soon. Thank … Continue reading “Team on the summit”

Everest 2018 – Team at South Summit

Ben reported from south summit at 5:am that everyone is doing good and moving well. Prefect weather, they will be changing their last bottle of oxygen at south summit and keep continue to summit, hoping to be standing on the top of the world either two to two and half hits or so.until than by … Continue reading “Team at south summit”

Everest 2018 – Team Left South Col for Summit

Hello everyone, our team left south cool at 10:30 Nepal time for the summit attempt. It is very calm, wind less beautiful night. Thank you for following with us and stay tune with us we will be keep updating their progress. Thank you 🙏 Lakpa rita

Everest 2018 – Heading to the Summit!

Hello Everyone, Tonight, around 11pm Nepal time we will head up the triangular face from the South Col to the Balcony, then turn left on the Southeast ridge to the South Summit before heading across the knife edge ridge (in places) to the North Summit (true summit). We have been resting all day at the … Continue reading “Heading to the Summit!”


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