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Safely back to Kathmandu, Everest Expedition finished

Hello Everyone, We are now back in Kathmandu, rested, feed, showered, and celebrated to finish a very successful expedition on Everest and Lhotse. I want to thank everyone involved for making this such an exceptional expedition including: our climbing Sherpa team, cooks, climbers, guides, and of course our amazing logistics coordinator, Jiban and his son … Continue reading “Safely back to Kathmandu, Expedition finished”

Everest Team: Camp 2- Basecamp- Kathmandu

Hello Everyone, It was a whirlwind of a day, waking up at 2:30am to head to Basecamp and then hop in a helicopter to get back in Kathmandu for dinner. We are exhausted but so happy to be back in civilization with all the amenities we haven’t had in 2 months. Thanks for following along … Continue reading “Camp 2- Basecamp- Kathmandu”

Everest/Lhotse team now safely down to Camp 2

Hello Everyone, Congratulations to Santiago Perez, Jangbu Sherpa and Karma Serki Sherpa for climbing Lhotse today’s after Everest! Not an easy feat but Santiago rested at the South Col and with great motivation made an ascent of the 4th tallest mountain in the World after summiting the highest in just over 24 hours!!! I have … Continue reading “Everest/Lhotse team now safely down to Camp 2”

Everest Team Summits and safely descends back to the South Col (26,000ft)

Hello Everyone, Thank you for following along on this incredible expedition! Today our team realized their dreams of standing on top of the World. We started out in great weather, it was warm and calm. As we got higher and headed up the southeast ridge towards the South summit it actually started snowing. From the … Continue reading “Team Summits and safely descends back to the South Col (26,000ft)”

Everest Team at the summit

Hello everyone team just reported that whole team members (11) peoples made to the summit at 8:15 am. Congratulations to Ben jones, Eric Murphy, Malcom Alexander, John Peterson, Santiago Perez, John Zeckendrof, jangbu sherpa, kami rita sherpa, fur kancha sherpa, mingma tshering sherpa and Dawa nuru sherpa. Great job everyone and have safe descent. Photo … Continue reading “Team at the summit”

Everest Team at south summit

Team reported that they are at south summit at 6:25 am. As they climb up the cloud built up little bit but not bad at all.not much of wind Everyone is doing well and they have changed another bottle of O2 and kept continue to summit.

Photo by Ben Jone…

Everest Team at Balcony

Photos Ben Jones Hello everyone this is Lakpa rita sherpa reporting from Everest base camp. Team reach at balcony at 3:28 am. As they mention everyone is doing good and moving very well. It is prefect weather, They will be changing their O2 here. As they climb my self and gopal our cook will be … Continue reading “Team at Balcony”

Everest team on their way to summit

Hello every one team have leaft south col at 11pm Nepal time for summit. the weather is very favourable with us. it is clear and calm. team will be climbing all night and planing to get summit early morning tomorrow may 27th.all of the team members and sherpas are strong. thank you everyone for following … Continue reading “team on their way to summit”

Everest Climbers: Here we go!

Hello Everyone, In a little over 3 hours we will start heading up the Triangular face and up to what is called the “balcony”, where we will turn left on the Southeast ridge and head up to the South Summit. From there we will look across the incredible ridge that continues on through the Hilary … Continue reading “Here we go!”

Everest Team Makes it to South Col (26,000ft)

Hello Everyone, Today under warm and beautiful conditions our Everest/Lhotse team made it to our last camp, the South Col today. We are doing great here and really excited about being at almost 8,000m, with supplemental oxygen if course:-). We have some light winds at the Col, but it’s a pretty pleasant day to be … Continue reading “Team Makes it to South Col (26,000ft)”


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