Aconcagua Testimonials

I can’t even begin to describe the absolutely delightful experience it is to work with the Alpine Ascents office staff and admin team. Gordon, Chris, Dani, everyone at the gear shop, etc. are always extremely professional, knowledgeable, and prompt in their reply.

Erin L.

The expedition was an amazing experience. Everything I could’ve expected and more. Great leaders. Couldn’t have asked for better people to support us in this endeavor. All of them were able to clearly and succinctly pass on knowledge, experience, and tips for us to succeed in the mountains. They are great people. And I am happy to call them my friends. The office staff was helpful and provided guidance to prepare me for the upcoming trip. The website and course materials were easy to navigate. Food was to notch, and probably the best backcountry food I’ve ever had. The trip was an well oiled machine. No big complaints from me.

2020 Climber

I thoroughly enjoyed it. The guides were very professional, the other climbers were very nice, and all the logistics were seamlessly coordinated. Our guides were extremely knowledgable and effective leaders throughout the whole expedition. I learned a lot from them. Our guides were super friendly, very approachable, and made the overall experience quite enjoyable. Our guides always gave us great advice and climbing tips. Their information about the mountain itself and the challenges was particularly helpful.

All communications with Alpine Ascents were professional, succinct, and purposeful. I appreciated having everything at my fingertips, and any questions I had were answered quickly. I was able to use the training statements and work them into my regular training and workout routine. I’m glad I had such a good reference to help prepare me. The lodging we had during was fantastic. It was much better than I have had on other climbing expeditions. The camps were great as well, and they had excellent layout and resources.

All group equipment and tents were in great shape and we had everything we needed. The food was very nice. I especially liked the cheesy pasta dinner we had one time. It gave me good energy and was a luxury to have on such a trip. The strengths were the great information we received ahead of time for proper planning, the professional and friendly guides, and the supportive staff members at Alpine Ascents who made this a terrific overall experience. I really can’t think of any thing that needs any improvement. I was glad to have had the opportunity to participate in this experience.

2020 Climber

The expedition was awesome in all aspects, from the guides, to the services provided by AMG, and the office staff. I learned a lot of new things, made new friends and had a lot of fun. As always, the AAI office was very knowledgeable and provided quick and helpful responses to my questions. The website, correspondence and materials were thorough and very helpful. Yes, the training reminders were helpful in keeping my training schedule on track. Group gear and food was great. In addition to the excellent food at Confulencia and Plaza de Mulas, the guides cooked up some great meals higher on the mountain. The camps and Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas were top rate and it was great to have a dome tent for cooking/eating at every camp higher on the mountain. The huge dome tent at Plaza de Mulas was especially comfortable.

2020 Climber

The expedition was of the highest quality and professional standards. Our guides were excellent leaders that accommodated all skill levels and needs. They exhibited exceptional leadership during the easy and hard times of the expedition. Clearly they are passionate about their craft and excited to share their knowledge. They were also our friends when we needed them to be, and motivators when we needed it the most.

2019 Climber

The guides were exceptional. It became clear almost instantly that we were in good hands and I felt safe and secure the entire time, which is the most important thing to me.

2019 Climber

Each guide was able to pass on their experience and knowledge during the course of the expedition. They improved our technical ability while also increasing our confidence.

2019 Climber

I was the only woman on the trip. But they couldn’t have made it more of a supportive and smooth experience.

2019 Climber

Excellent quality, 10/10. This was my first Alpine Ascents trip and I had heard that you went extra effort with food, but I was still surprised. Ate better in the mountains than I do at home!

2019 Climber

Our guides were terrific. Both have vast experience and took the time to explain their experiences and learned skills to all of us. They made sure everyone was well-versed on what to expect each day, along with required gear. They emphasized many of the basic skills required to summit a mountain like Aconcagua. They were very conscientious of each participant in our group.

2019 Climber

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