Aconcagua Testimonials

Our guides were terrific. Both have vast experience and took the time to explain their experiences and learned skills to all of us. They made sure everyone was well-versed on what to expect each day, along with required gear. They emphasized many of the basic skills required to summit a mountain like Aconcagua. They were very conscientious of each participant in our group.

2019 Climber

For me, going on a guided climb is less about paying someone to haul me up a mountain, and more about paying for an education, which I definitely got. I gained an invaluable amount of information and experience because all three guides would turn any given scenario into a learning opportunity. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable, they also each have the ability to convey information and impart knowledge in an effortless, intuitive way.

2018 Climber

This expedition was ‘first class’ from the advance information provided along with the quality of the pre-departure hotel gathering point, the personal attention given by the guide team, quality rented equipment, and food on the expedition. Truly a quality organization and would highly recommend to anyone.

2018 Climber

I had a wonderful experience – as always – with AAI. The guide team was phenomenal; they were always helpful and their combined experience truly astounding. Their willingness to share their knowledge and stories of past expeditions made for some very entertaining conversations. Despite some tricky logistics and early evacuations of some of our team members, they were able to divide the work load and make all of us feel well taken care of and safe. Their enthusiasm for the mountains and their desire to share their love for the outdoors was both palpable and contagious.

2018 Climber

I enjoyed the expedition very much. It was well organized including all the details that make a trip smooth. The amount of hiking per day was set up for maximum success. Each guide brought a unique set of skills and experience to the team. All three guides worked very well together. I truly enjoyed their company during our time together. The Alpine Ascents team is amazing. I had many in depth conversations with multiple staff members who always gave me their undivided attention and seemed happy to answer my questions. The Gear Department is phenomenal! The attention to detail in preparation and on the expedition, is necessary and is a strength of the program.

2018 Climber

I had a fantastic time. Everything exceeded by expectations from the accommodations to the the food to the company. My guides were are good as they come! The climb was challenging and thrilling and I felt supported by my guides every step of the way. I walked away confident that I will do another big expedition in the near future. I cannot say enough good things about my guides. The three of them were phenomenal! They. Were. Awesome. We learned so much from our guides, how to walk more efficiently, carry more efficiently, and overall how to actually enjoy the experience. 100% Yes. They had this ability to keep unlikely unity among our group. They made us laugh, walked us through the tough stuff, and saved the life of one of our teammates without hesitation or complaint. Alpine is so lucky to have such unreal staff. I had the best best time. Thank you so much!

2018 Climber

Absolutely loved it. Great program, route, guides, team, etc. Highly, highly recommended! Provided clear direction for both near-term/present objectives and longer-term plans (i.e.
next moves up the mountain, scheduling summit day, etc.). Consistently took time to train and emphasize skills (e.g. rest step, pressure breathing, foot placement, pacing, etc.). Experience/knowledge ranged from climbing skills, to clothing, to campsite placement, to sleeping, etc. Very thorough. Would love to climb with them again! Very professional and personable guides who set clear examples and consistently encouraged the entire team.

2018 Climber

I loved it. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever had. (My guides) were excellent, professional, and fun. World-class. They were cool as all get out. Strengths were the organization.

2018 Climber

Once again, AAI and the incredible guides provided an expedition that exceeded all hopes and expectations. Every detail is so dialed in there is a reason I keep coming back time and time again to AAI and will continue to do so. Unbelievably impressive leadership skills were displayed from the initial communications made throughout every step up and down the mountain. The knowledge and expertise of each guide qualifies them to lead and yet together they perfectly blended and complimented one another. I walked away with new, improved ways to individually care for myself, contribute to the team dynamic, and simply be a better individual in and out of the mountains. The guides were above and beyond per usual with AAI. Inspiring, knowledgeable, kind, and motivational. No one responds faster or better than the AAI staff and administration. The new website is also so wonderful to use and is a massive improvement from the old website. All group equipment was in exceptional shape and the food throughout the trip was better often than what I make for myself at home. Just keep doing the same thing – hard to improve on perfection.

2017 Climber

Yes, I did. This was an unforgettable mental and physical challenge to reach the summit of a very high peak, and to go through the challenges that come with acclimatizing to such an altitude. The guides were personable and functioned well as a team, the food was good, and the fellow climbers got along well. This is an excellent program for helping people experience high-altitude mountaineering. Alpine Ascents appears to have done a good job of selecting climbers with appropriate experiences to prepare them for a mountain on the scale of Aconcagua. The accommodations made things comfortable at many steps along the way, from Mendoza all the way to high camp and back.

Tents were high quality, easy to assemble and disassemble. I had no trouble carrying group food and fuel on carry days, and otherwise there wasn’t much group equipment. The food was excellent. I knew they like their grass-fed steaks and Malbec wines in Argentina, but didn’t expect to have such luxuries with us on the low part of the mountain, when I was expecting to be roughing it a bit more. That was OK, as the low mountain and high mountain are different experiences altogether. I had a strong appetite the entire trip, and appreciated that there were always a few leftovers.

2017 Climber


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