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Denali Testimonials

The quality of the guides and expedition were excellent, even extraordinary. The lead guide David Gottlieb along with Pasang went out of their way (literally) to assist a climber who had broken her leg by taking her all the way down the mountain to the airstrip for medical transport, and then the guides made their way back up to our 14k camp so as to continue with the expedition to allow summiting. Yes. I liked the particular emphasis on climber safety and all decisions were made with climber safety as first priority. They all were exceptionally experienced and were able to demonstrate effectively what skills were needed for the expedition. The quality and professionalism of the guides are the strongest aspect. No improvements that I can
think of really.

2017 Climber

Yes. Reason I always use Alpine is because I know I am going to get a professional guide service that will place my safety above all else on the mountain. Top quality in every aspect. There was a very high focus on safety, correct technique and clothing at all times, and the guides constantly checked and observed the climbers through the climb. Really great guys. Easy going and friendly. Fun to climb with and knowledgably equipped with so many aspects of climbing and the terrain. Joe was great on the logistics side. Cannot recall a single issue I had with any aspect of the expedition. I have climbed with Alpine on a number of occasions and I really appreciate the attention to detail. Honestly on this trip I cannot think of a single area to improve on.

2017 Climber

It was incredible – exceeded my expectations on every count. Vern is obviously as experienced as it gets, but he spent a great deal of time teaching and explaining methods and techniques to us at a level that I was able to understand and apply. Travis was enthusiastic about teaching and didn’t hesitate to chime in during Vern’s lessons when he used a different technique or had an alternate suggestion. Brian was also an effective teacher and was passionate about doing so. They were all really warm and friendly throughout the trip. Each of them had interesting stories and were a pleasure to spend three weeks with. Great guides, excellent support infrastructure, everything was really well thought-out. I’ve recommended AAI to multiple people for future expeditions.

The Alpine Ascents team was well prepared and executed well beyond expectations on the mountain. The experience and quality of the guiding staff and back-end support staff and processes sets Alpine Ascents well ahead of its peers. Highly recommended. The leadership from both the lead guide and his lieutenants was beyond expectation. Faced with difficult weather scenarios, all guides were free to voice opinions which created safe and correct decisions. The group dynamic was excellent, from the guides to all clients, everyone was included. The casual fun filled cook tent was never boring. Second to none. An absolute credit to your organization. Having registered nearly 12 months before the expedition, the entire process and communications were excellent.
Full credit must go to Joe Kluberton (Denali local logistics guru) for receiving us at Talkeetna and dispatching us onto the mountain. He had every detail covered right up to and including labelled bags of personal clothing to change into as soon as we arrived back off the mountain. He has accommodation at short notice covered. This administration coverage was fabulous. Many thanks. VE25 tents – very good quality and condition. Food – We ate like Kings. How can you complain; steak and ice-cream at 14,000ft.

June 2017 Climber

I was extremely impressed with the AAI Denali climb. It exceeded my expectations and reaching the summit of Denali was one of the best experiences of my life. The guides were awesome, the logistics were well taken care of, and safety was always paramount. All 3 of our guides showed that they were very knowledgeable and skilled in the arena of mountaineering. It was clear they were experienced guides and they always had a good handle on the situation. The logistics and guiding were all phenomenal. Trip planning and support was also great.


I wanted to say that our guides were wonderful and professional. They gave me great encouragement to keep me going, I had to descend on an Brand X rope, and the difference in guide quality was unbelievable; Alpine Ascents clearly has the best guides in the business. The food was great (and abundant), the guide’s attitudes were everything I could have asked for, and the environment they provided was perfect for climbing and having a great time while doing so. I spent some time with Team 5 and they are clearly of the same caliber. Once I got down, the office staff was  great in assisting with my arrangements to get me back home. I look forward to more trips in the future with AAI!


Loved it. Much better than my Brand X Denali expedition last year I attribute this to perhaps higher screening standards with AAI. Also more menu diversity with AAI which was appreciated. Finally, I LOVED the fact that AAI handed us 15 lbs of lunch food at Willi’s hangar. With other outfits we were simply were told to bring all of our own lunch food, and because a lot of us didn’t have experience packing lunches for three weeks, we didn’t give ourselves as much interesting and delicious stuff as was handed to us by AAI.


Excellent, very well planned and executed for logistics and timing of pre-mountain activities. Thanks for a great trip, good logistics, great guides and traveling companions and great weather.


This is an awesome program that has been carefully planned and put together by Alpine Ascents. The level of preparation required by participants is very high however, Alpine Ascents makes sure months in advance that participants train accordingly. Denali is a difficult mountain not only for the level of exertion required but also the variability of the weather. Guides chosen by Alpine Ascents know the mountain well and make sure safety rules are followed at all times. In general, I am very happy in having chosen Alpine Ascents for the climb, thanks to Phil, Danny and the office staff for making this possible. Denali has been in my list for some time and being honest, even if I trained ‘by the book’ to make sure I was prepared, I still was not sure I would be able to reach the summit. This is a hard climb and the way the program is structured helped me reach my goal.


I enjoyed everything about the expedition except for the weather conditions. They demonstrated tremendous leadership and decision making skills. I thought they were outstanding in every way and was very confident in placing my life in their hands. Each of the guides constantly shared his experience and knowledge with us. Clearly a first rate organization with tremendous resources both on and off the mountain. I also thought the climber screening process was appropriate given the clear prerequisites to climb Denali.


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