Denali Testimonials

Yes – this was an incredible trip and the quality was as good as it gets. The guides were amazing and I really enjoyed the time spent out there.

2019 Climber

Our expedition was fantastic. Great guide team and flawless execution of the trip.

2019 Climber

Unreal. Breathtaking. All the details of the expedition were thought through and there was never a moment where I doubted the leadership. And the food was delicious.

2019 Climber

I was very impressed by the whole experience. It lived up to all of my expectations. It has been my dream to climb Denali for quite a while now and AAI and the awesome guides made it possible.

I can’t say enough good things about the guide team I had. Peter was very calculated and informed on all the decisions he made. He took command and control of every situation and made the correct decision every time. He is very knowledgeable about the mountain and how to lead people in precarious situations and he excels at his job. I would like to do Mt. Vinson and I would definitely sign up with AAI if Peter was guiding the expedition. Kristie and Robin were fantastic as well. They knew the right balance of helping out when in need and when to push the team a little harder.

2019 Climber

Quality was to the highest standards starting with guides (amazing), food (amazing), and group gear.

2019 Climber

All three guides were very patient and hands on, helping everyone in the team whether it was with new skills or refreshing exciting ones. There was plenty of practical learning/teaching before we ever left Talkeetna, not to mention on the mountain itself. Plus all three guides had great anecdotes!

2019 Climber

AAI’s strength is the experience leading years of successful expeditions on Denali—knowledge of the terrain and weather, logistics, local support networks, relationships with NPS and other guide services, the climber community, the ability to attract and retain quality guides, and vet and assemble high quality teams of climbers! You have it down, keep it going. Looking forward to other worldwide trips with AAI.

2018 Climber

Excellent expedition! From start to finish, once again AAI had all the logistics and provisions well thought through and executed very well. Joe at the Talkeetna hanger was on top of every detail and handled it very well. All of the guides were ready and willing to make it happen—and that they did. Couldn’t be more pleased. What a beautiful mountain!

2018 Climber

Climbing Denali with this Alpine Ascents team and guides has been the highlight of my mountaineering experience. This was definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but our team had great chemistry and worked together towards the goal of everyone making the summit together. Best trip I’ve ever been on.

2018 Climber

Everything I hoped for. Both of these guys are top-notch guides. They consistently used every opportunity to teach us how to be better climbers. I was impressed how they would tutor us, but not treat us like children. They expected us to be experienced climbers and demanded that we rise to the occasion. It was great. As always with Alpine, everything was first rate.

Mountaineering can be can be challenging and stressful at times. Despite this, they always managed to maintain their calm, friendly demeanor and made every situation better. I consider myself extremely blessed to have had each of them as my guides – I figuratively would not have changed a thing!

2017 Climber


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