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Great Peaks of Bolivia Testimonials

Everything I expected.  Wonderfully run, great time. I felt well acclimatized throughout the trip. I felt that the guides wanted to help further my climbing skills to ensure I could meet my future goals, not just get climbers to the top.

Jim W.

Excellent.  My guides made the trip very enjoyable.  I’d climb with any of them again. The trip rocked! What a great time.

Ed R.

It was perfect!  A great mix of acclimatization, touring the sites and great climbing (after excellent skills review)  I couldn’t have asked for or expected more!

Steve E.

It was well-organized, seamlessly integrated. Best guide I have had on any guided trip.

Steve W.

Bolivia climbing is a well-kept secret. The climbing is spectacular, challenging and very satisfying. The fact that the peaks are all below 21,000 ft. and can be climbed in just a few days leads them to be underappreciated and underestimated.

Sal P.

The expedition was great.  Very well organized. I would highly recommend this climb to anyone wanting to gain experience and take the next step to climbing over 6000 meters. Jose Luis is absolutely the best.  This was my second climb with him.  Just a great person with the heart of a teacher and a true class act.  The support guides were also very good.  Eduardo was great.   Jose Luis is a great leader with immense knowledge.  He is always in control and exudes and quiet confidence that lets you know that he makes the final and best decisions regarding the climb.  Jose Luis is the consummate climbers guide.  Well respected by everyone, very easy going, always in control, and shares his knowledge and skills with anyone wanting to take it to heart.  He is just a pleasure to climb with. The strength was the acclimatization schedule and the sightseeing prior to the climb.  The archeological areas were a great way to gain knowledge of Bolivia’s history and people.  I did not think there was a weakness to this trip in my opinion.  It was very well done.

Chip M.

The expedition was great. Very well organized. Very good acclimatization schedule. I would highly recommend this climb to anyone wanting to gain experience and take the next step to climbing over 6000 meters.

Loved it! Cannot wait to come back with Alpine Ascents and Jose Luis

The trip was fantastic. Safe and successful summits of all three mountains. All climbs were challenging and fun. Quinces the cook made some great food (didn’t expect to have a cook, or half of the other amenities we had in camp for that matter). Roberto the assistant guide is a great climber – I was a little concerned with safety when sharing a rope with him a few times (I can provide a few examples if it matters) but overall he was a good guide and I’d climb with him again. Louis was fantastic both on the mountain(s) and in La Paz and is exactly the caliber of guide/person I have come to expect when climbing with AAI.



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