Mount Baker | Koma Kulshan — 3 Day Climb Testimonials

All staff from administrative, to gear check, transportation, and the guides made me feel addressed and helped at every instance they could. Highly commend the staff for their kindness, accommodation, and expertise. Great job start to finish

Larry P.

I had an incredible experience on Mount Baker. My guides (Hannah, Koby, and Craig) were all professional, personable, knowledgeable, and just excellent people for the job. They made everyone feel very welcome and made for a really wonderful expedition overall. I’d been thinking about and preparing for this trip for perhaps 6 months. It exceeded my expectations and will stay with me for years to come. Really, a superb experience and I can’t say enough about it.

Matthew G.

First class operation. It seemed organized and well planned out from the very start. Our guides were superb! They explained techniques and demonstrated how to perform them and then asked that the climbers practiced. I really enjoyed the skill training and learned A LOT!

2020 Climber

Our climb was awesome! Better than I expected, and respected social distancing well. Our guides were effective leaders and well experienced. I mean, where else are you going to find a guide with multiple trips up Everest? So grateful for their experience and clear direction.

2020 Climber

I loved the expedition. The gear check, camp setup, and overall end to end was phenomenal. Our guides were truly exceptional. I was super impressed with how effective all of their leadership skills were. Each guide had a variety of backgrounds which was super cool. It was amazing to hear their mountaineering experiences and all the tips, tricks and skills they taught us.

2020 Climber

I was super impressed with everyone and everything about Alpine Ascents! My guides were excellent, and I felt safe and prepared because of them, even though this was my first expedition, ever. I was impressed and super happy they adjusted our itinerary to the weather conditions, and we had a beautiful day to summit. The whole experience was, overall, most excellent!

2020 Climber

The logistics were especially well-run considering the circumstances with COVID-19. From the gear check to the rental return at the end of the climb, everything was very smooth. Having an entire tent to yourself was really nice!

2020 Climber

Yes, the trip was fantastic. Overall I had a very good experience and I am looking forward to booking another trip with Alpine Ascents. The guides were organized, knowledgeable, friendly and experienced. I could tell that this trip was well planned and organized. We were very well informed and knew what to expect. The weather was perfect. The climbing was great.

2019 Climber

The entire trip was spectacular. Reaching the summit was exhilarating but only a portion of the fun. From registration to final check-in, the Alpine Ascents team did a great job. I have used multiple guide services in the past but this team ranks at the top of the list.

2019 Climber

I am constantly impressed with Alpine Ascents. Everything was top notch and higher quality then I even hoped or expected. Every single detail was accounted for, right down to the food being the most delicious camp food I’ve ever had. I felt very safe and secure with expert guides that made sure safety was the number one priority and that having fun was right there too.

2019 Climber

Mount Baker | Koma Kulshan — 3 Day Climb BLOG

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