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Mount Kilimanjaro Testimonials

For those of you who hate long reviews: stop looking, sign with this company now. You will be happy you did.
For those of you who want to know why, here are just some of the reasons.
I summited Mount Kilimanjaro February 12, 2017.

My American guides were Carol and Vernon Tejas.
Go to their guide page and read their accomplishments. You will just be in awe saying “Wow.” Besides their professional accomplishments, they are the most caring people you would want to climb with. I don’t know how they did it but they helped, guided, encouraged and supported each person during the entire climb. From always being available for both physical and emotional concerns to making sure you’re eating and drinking enough to checking your oxygen level with a pulse oximeter daily to teaching you breathing techniques, different step techniques to Vern playing his mini guitar, singing or playing the harmonica to keeping you entertained, focused and making the time pass faster. Truly amazing.

After signing up, Alpine Ascents will send you a comprehensive information packet. It will include anything and everything you would want to know about your trek. From how to get the visa, immunizations, logistics, training schedule and travel recommendations, it will be all there. And so will the people in the office. I don’t know how many times I talked to the people in the gear department and they went as far as going online to different companies to finding the gear at the best possible price to suit my needs.

It was evident from the minute you saw the interaction that Alpine not only has a professional, but also personal relationship with the African Staff. Their business ethics are impeccable. The African Staff has worked with them for many years, which speaks highly for both parties.

If you value the outdoors you will appreciate that their philosophy is “leave no trace behind”. Many companies say that, but they live it. Our team would carry our trash on the trail until we could properly dispose of it in camp. However, our guides and assistant guides carry bags with them and whenever they seen trash on the trail, they picked up trash that others discarded.
The meals and snacks are fantastic. If you think you might loose weight while climbing, think again. Every time you turn around there will be more food.
I will certainly sign up to go on another trek with Alpine Ascents.

2017 Climber

Yes, everything was very well managed and on-schedule. Ben and the Tanzanian guides were all extremely helpful and knowledgeable that ensured everyone’s safety and enjoyment. Excellent, his advice was always good and stories from other climbs, both Kili and elsewhere, were informative. I think Ben was very good at answering everyone’s questions, managing their expectations, and concerns. All the guides and porter were wonderful—friendly, hard-working, helpful, and seemed to really enjoy what they were doing. All my correspondence with AAI have been professional and responsive. Preparation materials were also very useful. I feel I arrived in Arusha well equipped and prepared for the climb. The quality of everything was good. I felt it was a very well-organized and execute trip and will recommend it to others. I will also consider using AAI for additional treks/climbs.

2017 Climber

This expedition far exceeded anything I could have imagined! We were given so much help and information prior to the trip that I found very helpful. There are not enough words to describe the great support and encouragement that was given to us by your Alpine Staff as well as in Africa. Every person from the guides to the porters were amazing. There was always someone there to give assistance and encouragement throughout the trek. All questions and concerns were answered and attended to as soon as they came up. I had difficulty coming down the mountain and the guides (US and African) were there right away.

Vern and Carole were amazing! I don’t think we could have had better guides for this expedition than these two. I was so happy to have a woman guide there who was experienced and knowledgeable as Carole. I’m not sure how they did it but they helped, encouraged, guided and supported each person during the week. They attended to personal concerns as well as physical and emotional ones. They were quick with a smile and their support was unending. They are both quite good leaders and made it easy to follow their directions and advice. Both guides were great when it came to showing us “the ropes” of climbing. I have done some hiking however their knowledge of the mountain and of climbing was superb. Not only did they help with the breathing but described why we needed to do breathe the way they taught us and why it was important to acclimate to the altitude. They gave briefings every day and told us what to expect, what to wear and answered any questions we had. Their concern for us made it easy to ask questions and know that there were no silly questions when it came to our safety and reaching the top of the mountain. They were great! As I stated before it was nice to have a woman guide along. They were both so helpful, easy to visit with and pleasant throughout the trip. I had no problem ever approaching either with a question or concern I had. They stayed with those that were having difficulty and encouraged each person daily.

I also would like to mention here that the African guides were also great. From Abel to the ones who guided us up the mountain and back down. They sang to us, they carried our packs when we were tired and they encouraged us every step of the way. Once again 100% rating goes to the guides from the US and Africa. I have never seen any group like them in my travels. I thought everything was done very well. All questions were answered thoroughly and promptly. Everything we were to order and bring to the expedition was used and all information on the travel, hotel transportation etc was 100%. Once again I cannot say enough good about the lodging, safari and guides. I had both John and Mohammad. They were so knowledgeable about the country and animals. They went slow so we could view the animals and told us the history of the parks there and the people. They both went out of their way to make sure everyone had an enjoyable time. We saw so much in all the parks and such a variety. They were good at getting us to the various airports on time as well. The lodges were so wonderful. I loved the yurt at the first place we stayed and found it perfect there. The people at the lodge made us all feel welcome and bent over backwards to help those that were having a difficult time.

The food was great too! I enjoyed every single minute of the safari, the people we met and our guides. You chose some amazing drivers and guides for this tour. As far as I’m concerned there is no way to improve. You have the best people working for you and that a real team that works together. I feel the strength you have is the unity and teamwork that is shown by both Alpine and Big Expeditions. Your guides could not have been better. The entire program you set up was amazing and one that changed many things in my life by signing up. There are many people who would never attempt something like we did and with the help of your team, we made it. This was one adventure I will never forget and will always be up in the top 3 of my travels.

2017 Climber

The expedition was awesome. Everything from arrival and transport to/from the expedition to the expedition itself was very efficient and clear. Having a walking tour of the city of Arusha was a nice, unexpected surprise as were the offsite dinners. Yes, Ben was excellent in involving everyone, keeping everyone motivated and in the right mindset, and making sure we were informed of that day’s activities. Despite not being the guide on the safari, he also made sure to organize everyone for that as well as provide a few helpful tips and suggestions while on that part of the expedition. Very good, he was able to relate to all members of the group, which had a wide variety of both experience and personalities. He kept everyone engaged and greatly eased everyone’s stress levels. Dani and Chris were my two points of contact in the office. Both were very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process of booking rental gear as well as answering logistical/billing questions. Responses were always prompt and they are both amazing assets to have. The extra day on the trail was an added benefit to acclimatization and something I would recommend to everyone. The support provided by both Ben and the local staff was incredible. Everything considered, the price of the program was a bargain given everything it included.

2017 Climber

I thoroughly enjoyed my Kilimanjaro expedition; and found it to be a 1st class experience all the way. Yes, our guide was extremely professional and very knowledgeably in his area of expertise. I had confidence in his skill level and abilities 100% of the time we spent with him. Our guide was very professional and caring. He provided necessary information to get us successfully up the mountain and back down. I found everything provided by your administration staff and website to be very detailed and extremely helpful in managing and setting expectations. I encountered no surprises on my trip or during the expedition. Yes, I followed the training recommendations and schedules and was very pleased with my ability to successfully climb the mountain and live to tell about it after! I thought maybe I’d over trained, but turned out to be more taxing then I’d anticipated and was very grateful for all the training I did accomplish. I found all the lodges and accommodations to be excellent and certainly lived up to their 4 star ratings. The game viewing vehicles were very adequate for our party, and as comfortable as can be expected given the roads we were traveling on. Our drivers & guides were very knowledgeably and extremely talented at pointing out wildlife for our viewing and photo taking pleasure. Our guides also provided information on the animal’s habitats and migrations.

Strengths – The overall organization and logistics were top quality, and certainly exceeded all my expectations. My wife wishes to thank Alpine Ascents & Guide Eric for providing the daily Cybercasts during the climb. I’m sure everyone was tired after climbing all day, but she found them very effective in easing anxiety and potential concerns of health & well being and were very much appreciated! I didn’t experience any weaknesses prior to our or during our trip. It was completely enjoyable and one of my journey highlights!

2017 Climber

While still in a state of euphoric triumph, I just want to let you know how fantastic my hiking/safari/balloon trip to Africa was.  Alpine Ascents did themselves proud.  There are not enough superlatives to express my gratitude and pleasure on how this trip turned out.  Eric Murphy, is Alpine Ascents “Super” guide.  Eric, along with his team, did an absolutely amazing job.  Being a natural leader and expert manager of resources and people, Eric flawlessly executed his mission.  He taught without being too pedantic, encouraged without being patronizing, made us all work and feel as a team, and allowed me to be my ornery self.  His patience, honesty and integrity were quite evident in his dealings with staff and clients alike.  Many a time I felt I was in a Hollywood movie; I just could not believe my fortune and good luck to be on such a well planned and executed adventure.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.

2017 Climber

Yes! It exceeded my expectations. The crew were amazing, friendly and each person was great at what they do. The camp set up was impressive, always in a premium spot, tents ready and bags unpacked at each location (which I did not expect!) The level of attention on summit night was also wonderful and really exceeded my expectations in particular.

It was very clear from the start that Eric is an athlete and an expert with a wealth of experience. As soon as we arrived at the hotel he looked after us, gave us information on what the next day (and the trip) would entail and took us for dinner so we could get to know each other.  Throughout the trip Eric was a strong leader, imparting information to the group in a really clear way, and answering questions thoroughly and being specific with timings and what we could expect. While it must sometimes be a challenge to bring a group together from all walks of life, Eric did a great job working with all of us and was respected by everyone.

Food was amazing! And plentiful. The team do a really great job to provide varied options and lots of it. I was never hungry, between full breakfasts, lunch and dinner, snack packs and snacks when we got into camp there was definitely more than enough food. The Summit cake on day 6 was a particular highlight and I have no idea how the team might have been able to make cake up there?!

I can’t think of any weaknesses, I had a really great experience throughout. It was truly a trip of a lifetime and couldn’t have asked for a better guide and crew to do it with – I will always recommend Alpine Ascents to anyone that asks!

2017 Climber

Outstanding experience. Will definitely use AAI in the future. No complaints at all. Tom is a natural leader, detail oriented and meticulous but also calm and seemingly laid-back. He did an excellent job of providing the right amount of information to all of us as it was necessary, setting expectations on an appropriate ongoing basis, and regularly checking in with each of us on an individual basis. He set aside time for whole-group informational updates (in gear check, at meal times, etc) when the necessary and critical information was passed on to everyone. He also shared a wealth of interesting experiences and knowledge on the trail in much more informal settings, mostly story telling about past trips and guiding experiences. I learned a huge amount. I also learned a great deal from our Tanzanian guides. They were all interested in talking on the trail and checking in, they were all incredibly interested in answering our questions and telling stories of their prior climbing experiences. Honestly, I can’t think of any weaknesses. Everything from travel to airport transport to Arusha hotel to tents and amazing food/meal prep and absolute professionalism on the part of every AAI staffer (especially Tom Chambers, our local guides, and our local staff) to safety was exceptional. One thing that really stood out to me was the positivity and encouragement we got on a consistent basis from every one of the Tanzanian porters, staff, and guides; they had a hugely positive impact of my experience and on the morale of the group; they were always concerned with our safety and the quality of our day-to-day experience on the mountain. I also want to specifically note that Tom Chambers was a truly exceptional leader and guide; he set a phenomenal example for the rest of the AAI team as well as each of the climbers; he is so well-experienced and capable, yet humble and personable with sound judgment and ethics, and these qualities combined with so many others built trust and a great degree of comfort in me and I think all of the climbers; he is a class act.

I very much enjoyed my experience. The quality was amazing. I couldn’t believe how many people were involved in taking care of us. I loved out guides and porters. We had so much trust in Tom Chambers. He told us he would be teaching us throughout the trek, and he did. The poley, poley walking and power breathing really helped. If any of the group got nervous about something, Tom never was. He gave us confidence that everything would be fine. So many of his quotes I repeated on the summit attempt. The local guides cared about us so much. They were amazing and strong and took pictures for me when I was too tired to during the sunrise on summit day.

Tom kept us calm and breathing correctly. When we felt sick from altitude he provided advice from his many climbs. Our local guides kept us smiling and especially summit day they provide so much support during our breaks. Every stop there was someone helping me. There were many hugs and high 5’s at the summit. They seemed as excited as we were when we summited. Love these guys! And Happy, the only female guide. Her name is perfect for her.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!! They wanted us to reach the goal. They had fun nicknames for us. They taught us many words in their language. The porters were amazing. Our tents were ready for us with our porter’s bag and a chair waiting for us. A bowl of hot water to wash. Singing and dancing when we arrived at each camp. The toilet crew (terrible job) did it! The meals were incredible.

Every email I sent was quickly responded to. I think you guys do a great job with making us be responsible but letting us know you are there if we have questions. You never made me feel silly about any of my questions. Love your website, and my family loved the cybercast. Everyone I talked to on the phone was a very happy excited for me person. Course materials were good.

Strengths were the amazing guide in Tom Chambers. Love him. Details that made us feel special. The optional city walk in Arusha, the guides told us Alpine Ascents was the only company that did that. The great dinner before we left. High quality. I think it was high camp but not sure when extra money for a permit higher than the other high camp Alpine Ascents pays for. This seems so key in everyone summiting. We were the only group that had singing guides and porters when we arrived at each camp. Other groups came to join us. The celebration dinner back in Arusha. Best dinner ever!!! I will recommend you guys to everyone!


The Kili climb was an awesome experience. Tom Chambers was excellent professionally and personally handling all the many personalities in the clients. Tom deserves a great deal of the credit for making this such a memorable experience.

Tom Chambers was extremely effective in leading the local guide team and in directing the climb. He was focused on safety and quality experience for climbers of all abilities. Tom demonstrated patience and positivity when challenged by one guest who wanted to exhibit too much of his expertise. Tom handled this situation masterfully for a young guide and an older guest. Tom coached and instructed us all along the way and made it an enjoyable experience for climbers of all experience levels.

Tom Chambers was awesome and would highly recommend him for future climbs. The local guides were also incredible in their knowledge and customer service skills. The camp support staff (porters, cook, servers) were also superb.

Keep on doing what you are doing. I will recommend Alpine Ascents highly to others!



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