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Mount Vinson Testimonials

Yes I enjoyed it very much! Our guide Vern did an excellent job leading the trip, and in addition to safely guiding us up Mount Vinson made the efforts to take us on additional activities after the Vinson climb also – such as crevasse rescue training and scrambling up Mount Rossman. Was great to have Paul pick me up from the airport and make sure everything was looked after in Punta Arenas also.

Vern demonstrated excellent leadership skills. He gave clear expectations and instructions every day, and I learned lots about setting up tents and winter camping. Appreciate also being asked about my opinion on the plan for the day given weather and energy levels which Vern did often. Vern obviously knows the mountain very well and I always knew 100% that our team was in good hands. Vern is personable and easy to get along with. He is a wealth of knowledge, has many interesting stories, and also a great musician!

Awesome job – staff always responded to my questions very quickly! (even after I sent my money in) Course material was good and answered most questions I had clearly. Strengths – Vern and his leadership and experience. Real food on the mountain. ALE and the camps were awesome. Also was happy with the extra time built into the schedule as I felt I had plenty of time around Union Glacier and in Punta Arenas for sightseeing after my trip. I will highly recommend Alpine Ascents and Vern / Paul to anyone looking for a guide! Thanks guys!

2017 Climber

My team did very well due to the cause of very good well known 10 times 7 summiteers Guide Vern Tejas. I salute him always for his great guiding. He is super perfect leader on mountain sector.

2017 Climber

We had a great climb and were blessed with some really good weather. My guides were both quite organised and made the whole trip really enjoyable. We were really pleased with the guiding that they did. Taught us things along the way and they were quite relaxed and easy to get along with. Pretty well organised expedition. The food and planning worked out well along the way. All the camps were set up with gear which minimised the need to carry a lot of extra stuff – a real strength for AAI. All the office stuff was really well organised and this worked really well. Lots of info and we felt well informed.

As usual very well organised; the logistics on this one are difficult to say the least and as usual AAI brings it all together very well and provides a great experience of the Antarctic. Both of my guides have first class mountaineering skills; the experience they bring to a group are second to no-one. Strong logistics; good guides and very well understood environment- the complete package

Leanna & Mark S.

We had a great team and great guides, Sam and Lakpa are very professional. Great team.

2016 Climber

What a great trip. Guide services and infrastructure for this trip were top notch. Everyone including all the AAI advance provisions at the camps were much appreciated.

2016 Climber

Well organized and well run. All went very smoothly and safely. Lakpa Rita was also an excellent lead climber on our critical moves on the mountain. Where needed they passed on advice or directed our actions. For the most part they simply provided effective light touch guidance as many in the group were experienced climbers. All admin went well and the trip as a whole was a success from this perspective. I will certainly be happy to climb with AAI again and would recommend to others.

2016 Climber

Strong program, strong guides. Vern is very charismatic and generally fun to have on an expedition. Vern did things in particular that set himself apart. Lakpa is extremely talented, he very much enabled many things through his boundless energy, work ethic, calmness, and mountain wisdom. And he grills one hell of a ‘pan de pasqua’ with butter.

2016 Climber

Good program. Very professionally run and organized. Both guides had excellent mountaineering skills and were very willing to teach and share their skills. This is my second climb with Alpine Ascents and it is very well organized and seem to have the best interests of the climbers in mind.

David G.

Vern did an outstanding job with our team. I learned a tremendous amount regarding mountaineering. It was one take away after another. He was well prepared for everything and left no stone unturned. The expedition went well. Logistics were relatively smooth, there were no major delays and we had a tremendous group. Far and away it was my favorite group and a truly memorable climb. I would recommend it to all!

Fred C.



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