Mount Kilimanjaro Testimonials

The level of care from Tom and his local team was outstanding. The incredible logistics and coordination needed to pull it off are simply hard to imagine. Well done AAI. From a returning customer who was impressed many years ago, you’ve managed to get even better.

2018 Climber

It is an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Every aspect of the hike was enjoyable, including food, lodging, and extracurricular activities. Our guide was a very effective communicator and was patient and well-experienced. They reviewed goals and plans every day, as well as expectations and possible worst-case scenarios. Great route, expedition crew, and lead guide. I cannot think of a legitimate weakness.

2018 Climber

Best trip ever. Scenery, nature and ‘culture shock’ (first time in Africa) contributed to a large extent. Eric was in control of the group and the support staff at all times, gave repeated updates on what to expect next etc. Excellent job. The strengths of the program are as advertised: strong western guide, excellent local staff (perhaps the highlight of this trip!), enough time to acclimate on the mountain etc.

2018 Climber

We both very much enjoyed the expedition. Logistics were seamless, high quality of the local staff and guides and Eric was outstanding. Would note that this is my third Kili summit with Alpine over the past 4 years and the consistency across the experiences has been remarkable. Unquestionably. We also had a large group of climbers – 17 in total – of various skills and also varying degrees of feeling unwell on the mountain. Eric was outstanding at managing the group, maintaining control and helping everyone get to the top. Eric was very good at passing along tips and techniques for dealing with the mountain – whether that be from pace to breathing to rest-stepping to self-care. Very useful, easily presented and easy to grasp.

2018 Climber

Included in Outside Magazine’s “6 Iconic Hikes You Should Do Before You Die” 2017.

Yes. 3rd climb with Alpine and as usual, Alpine sets the gold standard! Tom Chambers was a good communicator and was very specific on what was going to occur each day. Excellent communication capabilities. Very good knowledge base. The Alpine staff is very well organized and responsive. Always polite and knowledgeable. Tough to find anything that was not perfect.

September 2017 Kilimanjaro Climber

Thoroughly enjoyed the climb overall. Alpine Ascents conducted a first class operation!

Eric was fabulous! I would climb with him again anywhere. His patience, confident demeanor, quiet humor, obvious skill, depth of knowledge and concern for the welfare of climbers and staff was exemplary. Everyone respected him as our leader and felt comfortable with him in charge of the climb.

2017 Climber

Everything was first rate. Eric handled all situations professionally. He explained in detail what was expected and what was going to happen. Everyone in our group reach the summit will little or no illness. We had several team meetings where Eric explain what was expected of us and what to watch out for. He was very accessible. This was one my highlights of my trip. I had special needs in getting my pace right to reach the summit. Also I needed quite a bit help getting down. I established a personally relationship with the guides. I will not forget soon how much help they were for me, plus able to converse and make friendship with them. Edward and African are the best! Strengths is the devotion to detail. Also to adapt to people from all walks of life.

For those of you who hate long reviews: stop looking, sign with this company now. You will be happy you did.
For those of you who want to know why, here are just some of the reasons.
I summited Mount Kilimanjaro February 12, 2017.

My American guides were Carol and Vernon Tejas.
Go to their guide page and read their accomplishments. You will just be in awe saying “Wow.” Besides their professional accomplishments, they are the most caring people you would want to climb with. I don’t know how they did it but they helped, guided, encouraged and supported each person during the entire climb. From always being available for both physical and emotional concerns to making sure you’re eating and drinking enough to checking your oxygen level with a pulse oximeter daily to teaching you breathing techniques, different step techniques to Vern playing his mini guitar, singing or playing the harmonica to keeping you entertained, focused and making the time pass faster. Truly amazing.

After signing up, Alpine Ascents will send you a comprehensive information packet. It will include anything and everything you would want to know about your trek. From how to get the visa, immunizations, logistics, training schedule and travel recommendations, it will be all there. And so will the people in the office. I don’t know how many times I talked to the people in the gear department and they went as far as going online to different companies to finding the gear at the best possible price to suit my needs.

It was evident from the minute you saw the interaction that Alpine not only has a professional, but also personal relationship with the African Staff. Their business ethics are impeccable. The African Staff has worked with them for many years, which speaks highly for both parties.

If you value the outdoors you will appreciate that their philosophy is “leave no trace behind”. Many companies say that, but they live it. Our team would carry our trash on the trail until we could properly dispose of it in camp. However, our guides and assistant guides carry bags with them and whenever they seen trash on the trail, they picked up trash that others discarded.
The meals and snacks are fantastic. If you think you might loose weight while climbing, think again. Every time you turn around there will be more food.
I will certainly sign up to go on another trek with Alpine Ascents.

2017 Climber

Yes, everything was very well managed and on-schedule. Ben and the Tanzanian guides were all extremely helpful and knowledgeable that ensured everyone’s safety and enjoyment. Excellent, his advice was always good and stories from other climbs, both Kili and elsewhere, were informative. I think Ben was very good at answering everyone’s questions, managing their expectations, and concerns. All the guides and porter were wonderful—friendly, hard-working, helpful, and seemed to really enjoy what they were doing. All my correspondence with AAI have been professional and responsive. Preparation materials were also very useful. I feel I arrived in Arusha well equipped and prepared for the climb. The quality of everything was good. I felt it was a very well-organized and execute trip and will recommend it to others. I will also consider using AAI for additional treks/climbs.

2017 Climber


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