6 Day Baker Mountaineering Course Testimonials

The course on Baker was fantastic! The curriculum was well thought out, and the guides did a great job. They were clear leaders who kept student learning and safety up front. They ensured that the group worked together to learn and to make a successful summit.

2020 Climber

The quality of the course was excellent, and the guides were very circumspect about making sure we were doing it right. I need to practice the skills learned more, but I also feel like I now have a foundation for further skill development. I had a great time.

2020 Climber

You run a first class climbing operation. The guides were all top notch, and each one brought something unique to the experience. Our lead guide was an encyclopedia of climbing, and pretty much everything having to do with the outdoors. Not only was he thorough in the “how to” perform something, he detailed why and it’s importance. He spoke of threat mitigation, risks, and how to avoid or minimize those risks. He gave me confidence to tackle more mountains, but also made me aware of my limitations. Overall, the Mount Baker trip exceeded all my expectations and left me eager to get back to the mountains. I will recommend Alpine Assents to everyone interested in mountaineering.

2019 Climber

The 6 Day Baker course was incredible. I will be able to implement all learned skills immediately on future climbs and in future courses. While this was a mountaineering course, I can use a lot of what I learned to also improve my rock and ice climbing. Loved every minute, even in challenging weather. It was everything I wanted and expected (and more). Thank you for everything!

2019 Climber

This was an excellent course. The instructors are passionate about the sport and their enthusiasm is infectious. Their skills and love of mountaineering were on constant display as they taught and encouraged us throughout our time on the mountain. I am anxious to take my new skill set to the next level.

2019 Climber

Our guides were the most knowledgeable, professional, and personable guides with whom I have ever worked. I felt comfortable and trusted their judgement, advice, and coaching. They had the best interest of each individual and the entire group in mind at all times, and adjusted well to the variety of experience levels within our team.

Both our guides were quick to realize the learning styles of each team member and adjusted their approaches accordingly as needed. They had amazing ways of explaining things, and tied everything to how it applied in the moment as well as possible future scenarios. They were also able to share anecdotes from their own personal climbing experiences which helped us to learn how we can adjust for different situations. They were very open and honest with us, and explained the rationale behind everything! I also appreciated their ability to provide more detailed/advanced instruction within the context of the course to those of us who came in with a more developed skill set to start, while still making sure to provide top notch coaching to the beginners in our group so that we were able to function as an solid unit on summit day.

2019 Climber

The course exceeded my expectations. I was provided a deeper understanding of skills I already had and there were clarifications on skills I thought I knew, as well as new skills provided to me. One objective I had coming into the course was becoming a more self-reliant climber and I can certainly say this course was a step in that direction.

2018 Climber

I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the guides. We had a group of 8 people and it seemed the guides were able to tailor the course so each person came away an improved climber.

The guides covered all the topics provided in the course objectives. They introduced each topic, shared why they say it is an important skill, provided detailed instruction, and allowed students to practice if appropriate. They even added on little additions for me on the side beyond what they needed to do. They also shared personnel experiences, such as real-life crevasse rescue and detailed route finding, as well as examples of handling bad weather. The combination of detailed learning, but keeping things relatable and fun was definitely a good environment for learning.

2018 Climber

No joke, this was a thoroughly planned and executed course. Very well organized, the opposite of a “gong show.” I will absolutely use the skills on future climbs and courses. Our guides curated a curriculum that cut the fat and emphasized the important skills.

2018 Climber

After this course, I feel like I can be a better asset to future teams and I am more confident in my own skills. I am excited to have these skills in my quiver for future climbs. The mental strengthening, ability to problem solve, and thinking on my feet are all things that I can apply to my day-to-day personal and professional life as well.

August 2017 Climber


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