Mount Rainier 3 Day Muir Climb Testimonials

The level of professionalism, competence and helpfulness of your guides was outstanding. Absolutely. While Danny was a strong leader, I got the feeling that any of our guides could have taken command of the group with no decline in our safety or the quality of the experience. Fully met my expectations. I’d like to particularly note that Rachel has the most disarming giggle. It made me realize that in spite of how hard I was working while on the mountain, I was, in fact, having fun! I was very impressed with all aspects, especially the dining experience at Muir and high camp. Great planning and execution. Your guides are your greatest strength. I’ve climbed with others and there is no comparison. The AA experience is VASTLY superior. I also appreciated how clean and new all of the equipment seemed to be from the rentals to the transportation vans. All first cabin.

June 2017 Climber

We both had a great time. Truly a rewarding experience that we will always remember! Guides were awesome! Professional, emphasized safety at each juncture and prepared us at every step for a safe expedition. They all had helpful tips to help us make the expedition enjoyable, and safe. The communication in general between AA and us was excellent. I especially appreciate the guide. Quite thorough. The training plan was very helpful and we followed it and had a good experience on the mountain I believe in part because of that preparation. Both camps were fine. I am glad we had one night at the high camp to get the more remote feel as well as to get a bit of a head start up on summit day. The meals were excellent and much appreciated! We had the opportunity to call several times and all the AA staff treated us in a knowledgeable and helpful manner. We loved our experience and looking forward to the next one …

June 2017 Climber

I had an excellent expedition. The guides were awesome, super fun, funny, interesting, and focused on providing a great experience for everyone on the trip. The food was great, accommodates great (considering we are on a mountain!). Joda was super fun, nice, and educated me a ton on mountaineering and safety skills. Bryce was also extremely cool and has great cooking skills. We had a near perfect experience.

I’m also wondering what climb to do next. Really enjoyed my time and hope to climb with you all very soon. If you have any next expedition ideas, please let me know. Thanks!

2017 Climber

Yes, I enjoyed it thoroughly. From the moment I signed up all the way to leaving the AAI offices post-expedition I felt AAI was involved in making sure I was appraised of everything I needed to do and also at my disposal for any questions I had (i.e. I asked about double boots vs single boots and they had a definitive answer immediately). I had never done anything like this before and although I was crushed by not summiting, it was a rewarding experience that was wouldn’t have been possible if it were not for the guides. They were amazing at their job and also as people. Initially, I was not sure if I should go with AAI or the competition. I went with AAI and will not go with anyone else in the future – a top-notch organization.

Leadership was seen with every guide. Rachel was the steady hand and excellent at listening to my needs on pace and very encouraging. Pete was the cheerleader among the guides and was excellent for morale. Gary was fun to have around and a wealth of knowledge on the technical skills needed for the climb. John was the leader and his seriousness to our approach and what we needed to do physically and, more importantly, mentally cannot be underestimated. The combination of these 4 showed how a team should work together.

It felt as if I had known the guides for years even though it was for 3 days. They were all easy to get along with and personable. Pete and Gary kept the mood light while John and Rachel balanced it out with helping us digest the seriousness of our next goal, be it the next hill, the next step, the next meal, self care, etc.

1. The guides were amazing. The team was top notch.
2. The knowledge the guides shared with us was priceless and will help immensely the next time I go on an expedition.
3. The price was very reasonable.

Obviously disappointed not to summit (high avalanche risk) – but recognize that the guides main job is to mitigate risk and keep climbers safe and the mountain dictated our ultimate fate. That said, we had a great group of climbers and the guides were tremendous. Michael spent the most time with the group since he met us at gear check – he is a wealth of information and his passion for the mountains and learning is infectious. Connor was also incredibly approachable and enthusiastic to be on the mountain.

We had one full day of school (likely elongated considering the conditions) and Dylan, Michael, and Connor were very thorough. I get the sense that Alpine Ascents wants to make you as self-sufficient in the mountains as possible which I love because I want to be roped to competent people with the right skillset. I have been on other expeditions and I was so impressed with how much education happens from gear check to the school (and I thought I knew a lot but I learned a lot) – far surpassed my expectations and superior to my prior experiences. Impressed by the quality of the rental gear (rented down pants and softshell jacket) – very clean and high quality and comforting knowing that all is available on day of gear check.

May 2017 Climber

Yes – I felt the expedition was great. Communication, leadership, execution were all top notch. Yes, definitely. Calm, insightful, clear, good at setting vision, course, expectation, etc. Even during what could have been a gnarly situation (crevasse rescue) they showed poise and skill. 10/10. I’ve never eaten so well in the mountains.

May 2017 Climber

I felt informed and supported throughout the process. The emails and training tips were useful and helped prepare me physically for the climb as well as setting expectation mentally. Gear check was comprehensive and informative and helped me shave my gear list down significantly for the mountain! A+ experience that I would highly recommend to others! Our guides were friendly and authoritative. They offered knowledge and didn’t hesitate to dive deep into a topic with us when we had questions. I felt comfortable asking anything from small to big things. Can’t express how good this crew was! Our guides did a great job of coaching and training us visually, verbally, and kinesthetically. I felt very comfortable with what we were learning and the time they gave us to practice techniques before moving on. Attentive and thorough throughout! I really liked the level of communication in email once we registered. The office staff was helpful and available to answer questions in person as well as on the phone. Quality of lodging was good, better than I expected on the mountain, and the high camp was just incredible in terms of views! I loved having the tents set up ahead of time and it was a nice surprise that we weren’t packing them up the mountain ? Group equipment, tents, and food were all significantly above expectations! The hot meals and drinks really made a difference in mood and energy level on the climb!

June 2017 Climber

The trip was a blast. The quality of the guides was outstanding. The coaching, the encouragements, and their focus on safety of the team were second to none. Stuart was the lead guide for this trip. He and Dave sure can tell stories to keep us all entertained. Not a dull moment with these two. The focus on team safety was paramount, regardless of who was the leader. All of the guides were good instructors, they have a way to put many things we do in perspective that makes it easier to understand. From basics of lifting up our heavy packs, to breathing etc.

I completely enjoyed the experience even though I was unable to finish the last 600’ vertical. The guides were amazing. While the sheer adventure of climbing was far and away the highlight of the expedition, listening to the guides talk about what they do and why the do it was incredible. David should write a book. And it was a true honor to have Pasaang as a guide for us.

Absolutely. Seth was positive and supportive but there was never a question about who was in charge. The other guides helped us keep the whole experience in perspective. I had complete confidence in each of them to lead us into a challenging and life-altering experience and bring us back safely.

I learned from all of the guides but (and this will be no surprise) I learned the most from David – and not just because he talks as much as the rest of the guides combined. As a 63 year old guy, I have great respect for people like David who can do what he can do at 49 and maintain the wonder and excitement of a rookie on his first adventure. His philosophizing about the mountain and climbing gave great insights into all kinds of experiences and made this particular experience that much more special.

I don’t see a way to improve. It was incredible. I don’t know if there is something that could be different to help guys in their 60s be more successful but, at the same time, I never expect to be treated any different than the 20-something and 30-something people I hike with.


Everything was just wonderful. I realize many aspects of a climb can’t be controlled (like weather!) but everything, from the weather, to the quality and friendliness of our guides, to the kindness of our fellow climbers, was outstanding.

A resounding YES! I enjoyed everything about our expedition. We had perfect weather conditions, kind and capable fellow climbers and a superb group of guides. I felt safe and motivated to keep moving and felt the quality of our trip was outstanding.

I admit at the beginning I wondered why we only received bits of information at a time, but during and after our climb, I realized the huge amount of unknowns (weather, our climbing ability, route conditions) they have to assess and respond to. All four of our guides were great leaders and worked well as a team.

During the entire expedition, I feel we were given just the right knowledge at just the right time. Our “snow school” on day 2 was great to teach us how to be safe on the mountain and during our climb to the summit they gave gentle reminders when needed.

We had such a great trip. Stuart and Bryce particularly made it meaningful as Stuart was our ‘fearless leader’ and Bryce led our 3-person rope team on days 2 and 3. I felt safe, encouraged and part of the team the entire time.


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