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7/15 Team Wraps up a Terrific Yak Trek

7/15 Yak Trek Gets a Peak at Denali

7/15 Private Yak Trek: And They’re Off!

2012 Yak Trek Team Summits Sheepback Peak

Hey everybody, this is Todd. We’re at Sheepback Lake, on the Yak Tour, had a great day today. Doug and Scott and I, we climbed to the top of Sheepback Peak and it was fantastic up there. And we’re back down in camp, getting a little rain now, so we’re all taking a nap in our tents.

The yaks are all running around and Toshi, the Wonder dog, is having a good time. And we’ll have a great dinner, we’re going to make spaghetti and baguettes and have a good evening. So we just want to touch base, and say “Hi” to everyone. This is Todd calling from the Yak tour… Bye bye!

Simply the trip was amazing. Love the rain, love the cold mornings and hot chocolate. Love the hike and the company. Loved the isolation. The logistics were great. I hope to find another trek in your portfolio to do. THANKS!


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