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Yak Tour Team summits Sheepback Peak and returns for spaghetti dinner in the beautiful Alaskan wilderness

Hey everybody, this is Todd. We’re at Sheepback Lake, on the Yak Tour, had a great day today. Doug and Scott and I, we climbed to the top of Sheepback Peak and it was fantastic up there. And we’re back down in camp, getting a little rain now, so we’re all taking a nap in our tents.

The yaks are all running around and Toshi, the Wonder dog, is having a good time. And we’ll have a great dinner, we’re going to make spaghetti and baguettes and have a good evening. So we just want to touch base, and say “Hi” to everyone. This is Todd calling from the Yak tour… Bye bye!

Views from a high alpine pass.

Camp at Sheepback Lake.

On the summit of Sheepback Peak.

The crew relaxing after a summit climb.

Alaska Yak Tour relaxing in alpine splendor at Yak Camp before heading to Sheepback Mountain tomorrow

Hey everybody, got a little cut off there by the satellite phone, it’s a little spotty at times. Anyways, we’ll be heading up Sheepback Mountain tomorrow, eating some delicious steak tonight to fuel us for the trip and then be flying out of here from Sheepback in a few days. We made it to our final camp, so we’re just hanging out and enjoying the beautiful views of the mountains and the alpine lake. Talk to you all soon and (transmission ends).

Heading for the High Country

Camping in green, alpine fields.

Steaks for Dinner!

Short transmission, cuts off.

Hey folks… (transmission garbled) at Yak Camp, had a good time crossing a few valleys and a couple streams. Everybody had fun. And we went to Yak Camp, it’s named for the Yak’s just kind of hang out there. It’s a stream at a pass… (transmission garbled then cuts out).

Team eating well as Yaks play “King of the Hill” at Lake Camp, after a sunny day of walking through beautiful Alaskan wildflower meadows

Hi folks, this is Joe Kluberton again, with my dad, Tom Kluberton, and Mingma Tsering. We just got to Lake Camp, we left Beaver Camp this morning, named for about a 400 foot beaver dam that goes across the lake, right upside of there. We waded our way through a bit of a marsh with some beautiful flowers and different wildlife in there, mostly some birds and things. And then headed up through the valley, had a beautiful day again, sunny weather, we’ve really been hitting the weather well.

I ran up here to the top of a little mountain outside of Lake Camp to get some cell phone reception, which is great, I can be talking about 60 miles off in the distance and see about everything around me. Got to chance a little bit of a fox up a hill, that was nice, he kept trying to get away from me and I kept catching up to him, and he’d run away again.

We’re down there at camp, the yaks had a great time. They cruised right into the lake and swam out to an island and kind of played king of the hill on that little island for a bit. We’re about to make some burritos; we had some delicious French toast this morning with some sausages, and king salmon for lunch, smoked salmon and a little bit of brie. So we’re eating well and having a great time.

And wishing everybody the best back home and we’ll talk to you all soon.

Yaks and guides traveling across the high tundra, Mt. Foraker in the background.

Trekking through the stunning Alaskan wilderness, our Yak Tour Team enjoyed caribou and bear sightings, the spectacular views of the mountains, and a delicious salmon dinner

Hey folks, this is Joe Kluberton, Mingma Tsering, and Tom Kluberton on the 2012 Yak Trek, up here in Alaska.  We had a wonderful trek in, saw a couple bears and some caribou, and had some delicious salmon after our trekkers flew into Moon Shadow Lake.  It was beautiful weather there, saw Hunter, and a little bit of Foraker, Denali.

We trekked a day, it was beautiful weather again, saw some caribou.  We lured them in pretending we had horns till they came about, well there was just one of them, but he came about 15 feet away from us, before he realized we were humans. (static)

We’re getting ready to have some ribs here today.  We had a little bit of some showers that joined us for awhile, but they took off, it’s sunny and beautiful again.  So looking forward to heading up to Lake Camp tomorrow and everybody’s doing wonderful.  Hope all…. (transmission garbled)… alright take care.

View of Denali on the way to our landing site.

Moon Shadow Lake

View of Denali while hiking around Moon Shadow Lake.

Simply the trip was amazing. Love the rain, love the cold mornings and hot chocolate. Love the hike and the company. Loved the isolation. The logistics were great. I hope to find another trek in your portfolio to do. THANKS!


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