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Island Peak Climbers Kickback!

Namaste friends, family and loved ones,

Exploring the street markets of Kathmandu was the order of the day. Everything from beans to chickens and electronics were on display. To wind up the day of town trekking we had our celebration dinner in a nearby trendy rooftop eatery.
You would have been proud to see how we put away the calories. Then we said our goodbyes as everyone shift gears and start to get ready for new adventures. It was a great climb with a great group and I hope we can do it again in the near future. Thank you for joining us on our climb of Island Peak. Carole and I will soon be leading our climb of the highest and possibly most scenic of Nepal’s trekking peaks, Mera Peak.

All our best,
Carole and Vern Tejas

Island Peak Climbers in Kathmandu

Namaste friends, family and loved ones,

A 5am down pour woke us up this morning putting a real damper on our prospects of flying back to the Capitol of Nepal. We prepared for departure none the less and as luck would have it, the clouds lifted and we caught a flight.
Taking off from the world’s shortest runway we relaxed and enjoyed our flight to civilization.

Showers, shopping and Kruising for good food is our focus. Oh how good it is to be at low altitude.

All my best,
Vern Tejas

Island Peak Climbers Cool heels!

Namaste friends, family and loved ones, It was a beautiful day for the Klimbers to descend to Lukla, the airport town of the Khumbu valley. Our spirits were light as we walked amongst the flowering fruit trees. All we needed was seven hours before we walked through the Lukla gate honoring Pasang Llamu, the first Nepali woman to climb Everest. We felt elated to have completed our trek and yet saddened knowing that our time together will soon draw to a close. Team is doing great, we are eating everything we see. And each of us are sleeping like logs. Ah the simple pleasure are the best. All my best, Vern Tejas

Everest Base Camp Trek Flies to Kathmandu

Namaste Friends, Family & Loved Ones,

We woke up early today and hopped on one of the first flights to Kathmandu. It was hazy, but the flight was smooth. The team particularly enjoyed the exciting take-off from the short runway in Lukla.

While we are happy to be safely back in the big city, we will miss the peace and simplicity of life in the Khumbu.

We spent the afternoon relaxing and getting cleaned up and then gathered for a celebration dinner at Mezze, one of the trendier eateries near our hotel.

Tomorrow, the team members are going to spend some free time in Kathmandu before flying back home to you the following day.

This will be the last Cybercast for the Khumbu Kowboys. It’s been a great trip with a great group of people. Thanks for following us!

Carole Tejas

Island Peak Climbers Camp in Tangboche

Namaste friends, family and loved ones, Klimbers are kicking back today. Stopping at convenient teahouses along the way is an excellent way to wind down from a unexpectedly challenging ascent. The high winds beat us up pretty good so sipping milk tea on the patio is particularly pleasant. In one tea house, I met a fantastic guitarist. Emil Pernbald moved to Spain to perfect his Flamenco style. And that he did. Made my instrument sound fabulous.   Another impressive person we met along the way was a porter that carrying an E x t r a W i d e L o a d.     And we finally reentered the tree line. Our last hill was a delightful climb through the Sacred Rhododendron forest of the Tangboche Monastery.   The team has been revitalized by the thicker air down here at 12,000 feet. Food is amazing, we are hungry. All is well. All my best, Vern Tejas

Great trip. Vern and Carol were great. Beautiful people and venues. Would love to go back one day and explore more areas. Beyond expectations. And Vern played the guitar, very cool. Amazing leadership and I think he should become a professional speaker when he retires. Amazing stories and experiences.


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