Team Buff in Namche Bazaar

Namaste friends, family and loved ones

The air is thick and the sun is warm as we descend. Everyone is feeling great.

We are looking forward to hot showers and tasty food as we trek slowly down valley.

We can barely contain our excitement.

Surprises still lurk around the next bend.

The Khumbu valley is so steep and dynamic that there are no roads. So if you want a chest freezer a porter will have to deliver it to your home. We step aside and let the porters pass unobstructed. Amazing! We will trek to Lukla in the morning.

All our best, Carole and Vern Tejas

Everest Basecamp Trek 2019 – Team Buff goes to Tengboche!

Namaste friends, family and loved ones!

The early bird get the best views in the Khumbu. The rising sun back lit Ama Dablam in the gateway so nicely I could not resist taking a photograph to share with U

Once again the weather cooperated so cameras were at the ready all day long, frequently looking back for good shots.

There’s always something to catch the eye

Even crossing the river was beautiful.

Thoughts are turning to important things like salads and long hot showers. We are in great spirits now the air is thicker. We’re absolutely giddy about the prospect of bathing in Namche Bazaar tomorrow.

All my best, Carole and Vern Tejas

Everest Basecamp Trek 2019 – Team Buff Descends the Khumbu!

Namaste friends, family and loved ones!

We’re looking forward to seeing the valley and of course more oxygen. So down we went enjoying the fine weather.

Every step of the way we gain strength.

Sunshine and thicker air were like magic.

As we rounded the bend, the village of Dingboche (our goal) came into view

The Stupa welcome us to this vibrant town

Every one is feeling great and sleeping well. Tomorrow we’ll drop another luxurious two thousand feet to Tengboche.

All our best,Carole and Vern Tejas

Everest Basecamp Trek 2019 – The Buffs visit Everest Base Camp

Namaste friends, family and loved ones!

We climbed up along the Khumbu glacier moraine for a few miles until we actually drop down onto the medial moraine.

We were able to catch glimpses of Everest several spots along our circuitous route.

And at last the moment we’d been waiting for, we entered the Base Camp area.

We made our way back to Gorak Shep for lunch before we continued to drop elevation by hiking back to Lobuche.

Last night was rough as we slept at above 17,000 feet so we are looking forward to a more restful night at our new lower elevation. Tomorrow we head even lower to Dingboche, the potato capital of the upper Khumbu valley.

All our best, Carole and Vern

Everest Basecamp Trek 2019 – Team Buff climbs Kalapatar

Namaste friends, family and loved ones

Knowing how it tends to get cloudy in the afternoon, we got up an hour early to assure that we would get a great view of Everest today. And to optimize our chances we climbed a nearby mountain called Kalapatar which is 18,365 feet tall.

Our efforts were well rewarded with spectacular views in all directions.

That’s Everest right behind the team. The higher we climbed the better our view.

The thin air is quite noticeable now and we are taking steps to enhance our wellbeing. We are employing several high altitude techniques to give us the best chance to get to Everest Base Camp. That is our goal for tomorrow morning.

All our best, Carole and Vern Tejas

This is our 3rd trek with Alpine Ascents and we had another great experience with excellent guides! 100% satisfied! An unforgettable experience and adventure which was highly enhanced by our guides knowledge and relationship with the Sherpa culture.


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