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Fall 2018 EBC Trek – Cheese Balls Head Home

Namaste friends, family and loved ones!

Weather and logistics finally cooperated and we were able to break free of Lukla. We loaded the team and all their bags on a helicopter, and I jumped onto a fix wing plane. We made it back to Kathmandu in time for dinner and departing flights.

Alls well that ends well! It has been a great trek with a wonderful team of friends. I am looking forward to climbing with everyone in the future. Thank you for following our progress in the high Himalayas.

All our best,Vern Tejas and the Cheese Balls!


Fall 2018 EBC Trek – Cheese Balls on ice!

Namaste friends, family and loved ones!

Well at least it waited till our trek was complete before it started to rain. We went to the Lukla airport (one of the most dangerous) and waited 6 hours for our plane . Wind and then rain put a real damper on our plans. So we’re back at the Namaste Lodge eating Yak burgers and planning our escape for tomorrow. Stay tuned!

All our best, Vern Tejas and the Cheese Balls


Fall 2018 EBC Trek – Cheese Balls eat Cheese Balls in Lukla

Namaste friends, family and loved ones,

Taking off early this morning allowed us to avoid some of the animal traffic on the trail. That said, there were plenty of yak jams, but the amazing scenery made it a delightful trek.

We passed through a sacred area that was full of Mani stones, prayer wheels and Stupas. The team patiently allowed us to photo them once again for the hundredth time. Say Yak Cheese!

Though the trail was all uphill today we flew up it and soon passed under Lukla’s arching gate. To celebrate we had ice cream and cake, oh and of course, some cheese balls.

Tomorrow we fly to Kathmandu!

All our best, Vern Tejas and the Cheese Balls!


Fall 2018 EBC Trek – Cheese Balls descend to Zamfurte

Easy morning for the CBs shopping and sightseeing in Namche Bazar. We had a delicious lunch at the Panorama Lodge before trekking down into the valley below. Also taking lunch was world class mountain guide Dave Hahn. Dave has only climbed Everest 15 times!

There was a bit of a yak jam that slowed our descent (pictured below). However nobody was gored and we finally made it to the milk white river. That’s where it gets the name from, The Dudh Kosi. It’s a beautiful hike along the water. We highly recommend it!

Everyone is feeling strong on the uphill. Tomorrow we climb out of The Dudh Kosi valley to get to the airport In Lukla. Join us!

All our best, Vern Tejas and the Cheese Balls!


Fall 2018 EBC Trek – Namche calls the Cheese Balls!

Lose 1,800 vertical and the gain back 1,500 feet. We were on a roller coaster, up and down all day, however we ultimately lost another thousand feet. And we gain even more oxygen, yippee. We passed many yaks on our way down valley. Sweet views every where we looked. Again we crossed the roaring Duhd Kosi River.

Tengbuche monastery was fairly quiet despite the religious festival kicking off on the full moon in a couple days.  The team is doing well as we acclimatize to thicker air, and appetites are returning!

All my best,Vern Tejas


I would like to thank everyone at Alpine Ascents for a wonderful trip to Everest Base Camp. Our guide, Sidar, and sherpas were extremely helpful and encouraging throughout the trek. The schedule we were given allowed us to acclimate properly and allowed us to explore the villages we were based in. An amazing adventure for me, thank you again!


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