Mustang Jeep Adventure & Trek

Mustang Jeep Adventure and Trek Overview

Quote from the Guide
“As much time as I have spent in Nepal over the years, on my first visit to Mustang I was gobsmacked by the natural beauty of the so-called Forbidden Kingdom and the deep-rooted Tibetan culture to be found there. Between the spectacular landscape — towering, sculpted cliff faces, canyons and multi-story cave complexes — and the opportunity to immerse myself in the Tibetan Buddhist culture of the small villages, I felt like I was on a true adventure.”

The landscape of Mustang is like no other – a high-altitude desert with towering sandstone cliffs sculpted into pillars and organ pipes, thousands of natural and man-made caves and deep canyons and ravines. Our jeep tour will take you into the heart of Mustang with opportunities to take short hikes and explore the villages of this fabled land.

On our trip, we will explore centuries-old monasteries where, we will take in paintings and statues of Buddhist and pre-Buddhist “Bonpo” themes and figures. During the day we walk through ancient villages, view ancient fortresses and palaces and learn about the local people, their customs and daily life. There will be plenty of time to stop and photograph the stunning and unique terrain.

Although the hikes are not long, they do involve some effort, as we will be at high altitude. We can expect some of the trails to be rocky and uneven. Some of the caves that we will visit will have ladders to access the upper stories. Join us in sharing this fantastic opportunity to travel through jaw-dropping landscape in a remote part of Nepal that is steeped in traditional Tibetan Buddhist culture.

About Mustang
Mustang is a remote, high-altitude region in northwest Nepal, located close to the Tibetan border.  Known to locals by its original name of the Kingdom of Lo, Mustang has a long, rich and complex history that makes it one of the most interesting and culturally significant places in Nepal.  The early history of Lo is opaque and veiled in legend, myth, and mystery; there are records of events in Lo found in ancient Tibetan documents as early as the eighth century.   Because Mustang has only been opened to tourism since 1992 (hence the nickname, “the Forbidden Kingdom”),  its isolation has served to preserve and distill the Tibetan culture and heritage of the local people and their villages.

Reading List

This is a highly recommended shortlist and we would be happy to pass on a longer reading list for those interested. These links will bounce to with reviews.

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I really enjoyed the course, great quality guide service. I feel ready to continue practicing the skills we learned and will put them to use on personal outings.


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