More photos from our inaugural Patagonia trip

Fitz Roy Massif Panoramic. Photo: Allen Wilson
Rainbow. Torres del Paine National Park. Photo: Allen Wilson
Viedma Lake. Los Glaciares National Park. Photo: Allen Wilson
Fitz Roy Massif. Photo: Allen Wilson
Pumas. Torres del Paine National Park. Photo: Allen Wilson
The Paine Horns. Photo: Allen Wilson
Pendant bridge. Torres del Paine National Park. Photo: Mark Gregg
Sharing the traditional drink known as “mate”. Photo: Mark Gregg
Farewell dinner. Punta Arenas. Photo: Mark Gregg
Briefing at EcoCamp. Torres del Paine National Park. Photo: Mark Gregg


Patagonia Trek Team – Last Day at EcoCamp Patagonia before Heading Home

On their last day at EcoCamp Patagonia, “Group 1” hiked from Paine Grande Refuge to beautiful Lake Grey and had the luck to spot two pumas . They did a boat tour on the lake and then were taken back to EcoCamp by their private transportation.
“Group 2” hiked up to the lookout at the Torres del Paine lake with good weather conditions and a blue sky and got an excellent view of the impressive Towers.
On March 15, the team finally travelled to Punta Arenas were they had a farewell dinner before flying back home the next day.
Everybody had a wonderful time hiking in Patagonia. Thanks for following along and please stay tuned, the last pictures of the trek will be coming soon!


Patagonia Trek Team – Torres del Paine National Park in Chile

Once at EcoCamp, which is located in the heart of the National Park, the team divided into two groups.

Karen, John, Suzanne, Steve, Daniel, Shannon, Laura and Mike hiked to the French Valley yesterday, where they could admire the Paine Horns. Today they walked to Grey Glacier where they took the catamaran to sail to the huge facade of the glacier. From the southern end of Grey Glacier, the van brought them back to EcoCamp. They are in good spirits and all are doing fine.
Claire, Joe, Debra, Mark, Vicky, Roberta, Jason, Darrell, Allen and José Luis started the tour in Torres del Paine National Park with a hike to the Paine Towers. It was a wet and cloudy days but now and then they could see the famous Towers. Today they hiked to the French Valley. Again, it was a wet and cloudy day, but they did a variation of the trail and reached the French Glacier of the Cerro Paine Grande. Once they got there, it cleared up and they had a spectacular view of the Paine Horns and the “Glaciar del Francés”. The members of this group are also all doing fine.
Everybody says “hello” to family and friends.
Please stay tuned!
Team members hiking with the Paine Horns in the background
Hiking towards the French Glacier Lookout


Patagonia Trek Team – Oustanding Visit to Perito Moreno Glacier!

The team did a one hour long nautical safari to observe the magnificent Perito Moreno Glacier from up close and then walked on the footbridges from where they could observe giants chunks of ice plummet into the waters of the lake. Our local tour guide Silvia did an awesome job along the day. Thank you Silvia!
Today, they will travel to EcoCamp Patagonia which is located in Torres del Paine National Park.
They are all doing well. Enjoy the pictures of our thrilling encounter with the Perito Moreno Glacier!
More soon!

Perito Moreno Glacier and Lago Argentino
The Perito Moreno Glacier from the footbridges
Walking on the foot bridges







Patagonia Trek Team – Spectacular Day with Fantastic Views

I enjoyed the trek very much. Terrific location, outstanding guides, nice itinerary. Trip is fabulous.


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